Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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March 2016 Biographical Uploads

In March our busy research team added 40 biographical records to the website, including that of three members of the well-known Purnell family of Ryde, who ran a business at 7 and 8 High-street, as auctioneers, upholsterers, furnishers, and undertakers. (click on any name below to go to a file)

ALLEN Susan Mary. 01.03.1936.

BATEMAN Ivor Lewis. 27.06.1958.

BREWER Violet Lucy. 04.08.1981.

BUSH John Arthur Kingsworth. 13.07.1941.

CHEEK Alfred Bernard. 01.08.1940.

CHILDS Henry. 26.06.1932.

COOKE Geraldine Violet Boyce. 11.12.1942.

FAIRALL Henry. 11.12.1933.

FARRANT George Edward. 10.11.1977.

GALE Albert John. 16.07.1941.

GRACE Christina Ann. 22.07.1940.

GREGORY Ellen Kate. 22.11.1943.

HARMSWORTH Edward. April 1931.

HARMSWORTH Susan. 03.01.1932.

HARTLAND Henrietta Maria. 27.10.1932.

HOLMES Caroline. 24.04.1932.

JOLLIFFE John. 01.03.1929.

LLOYD Evelyn Beatrice. 07.09.1949.

MATTHEWS Angelina. 13.07.1940.

MATTHEWS William Henry. 28.03.1941.

MCCULLOCH Beatrice Graham. August 1875.

MILFORD John Thomas (Pte). 02.08.1941.

MUNDELL Maria Georgina. 25.05.1934.

MUNT Alice. 06.05.1926.

NEWMAN Albert Hollis. 28.10.1932.

NEWMAN Priscilla Annie. 21.01.1933.

PAGE Arthur. 20.12.1932.

PURNELL Clyde Honeysett. 14.08.1934.

PURNELL Emily Blandford. 18.11.1920.

PURNELL Stanley (Pte). 30.10.1917.

REEVES Edward William. 05.03.1932.

RICHARDS Sarah. 31.03.1866.

ROWE Elizabeth Beatrice Mary. March 1948.

SANDERS Sarah Humber. 12.08.1866.

SHIRVELL Esther Roberts. 23.02.1929.

SLINN George Stockdale. 02.04.1931.

STRANGE Abigail Ann. 04.05.1926.

WALLIS James. 23.11.1930.

WHITE Thomas William. 05.02.1945.

WHITTINGTON Fred Scott. 25.02.1952.

Image source: Purnell advertisement from the IW Observer 1 October 1910