Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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December 2016 Biographical details added

Princess Helena & Prince Christian

In December, our busy research team added 34 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr Edwin Joyce, a carver and guilder, of 49 Union-street, Ryde. Mr Joyce designed and manufactured, by Royal command, a beautiful toilet-glass for Princess Helena on the occasion of her wedding to Prince Christian in 1866.

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ATTRILL Walter (Rev). 17.04.1966.

BAKER Helen. 23.08.1974.

BARTLETT Emma Louisa. 03.04.1969.

BOTTRILL Charles Henry. 08.11.1952

BURT Ruby Mary Steuart. 29.08.1945.

CLEMENTS Mary Ann. 25.11.1937.

DAVIE Julia Amy. 07.11.1940.

DAVIE William. 18.05.1950.

FARMER Alfred. 08.10.1951.

FETHERSTONHAUGH Florence. 21.01.1920.

HARDING Hilda Rose. 06.04.1935.

HARVEY Christine. 30.09.1951.

HARVEY Mary Jane. 06.03.1919.

HILLS Alfred Ernest. 13.03.1942.

JONES Ellen. 24.05.1942.

JOYCE Edwin. 20.01.1897.

KING William Henry James. 15.04.1966.

LOWTHER-CROFTON George. 16.04.1915.

MEREDITH Yvonne Violet. February 1984.

PAGE Arthur. 20.12.1932.

RECORD James Alfred. 12.05.1954.

ROLLASON Emma Isabel. 18.06.1937.

RUDGE-ROOTES Jane Talbot. May 1927.

SAUNDERS George Hook. 29.07.1936.

SHACKLETON Alfred George. 27.01.1938.

SOTHCOTT Harry Charles. 25.04.1942.

SPENCER Edwin George (RN). 05.06.1916.

SPRINGER Albert James. 27.08.1943.

SPRINGER Mabel Mary. 20.06.1964.

STUTTAFORD Matilda Harriet. 15.08.1915.

TRUCKEL George. 27.11.1935.

WARD Fanny Louisa. 16.11.1964.

WARRENER William Alexander George. 03.07.1936.

WILD Florence Gertrude. 15.04.1966.

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