Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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February 2017 Biographical details added

Sale Catalogue 1952

In February, our busy research team added 51 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr Robert John Cheek, a much-esteemed Island agriculturist. The son of Mr. Robert Cheek, he succeeded him in farming Pell, which has been in the family for many years.

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BALLARD Harry. 27.02.1953.

BARTON Edith Mary. 30.11.1966.

BEVIS Arthur. 23.11.1934.

BIGGS Elizabeth. 02.04.1915.

BLOCK George William. 12.02.1940.

BLOCK Marion Emmeline Louisa Cecilia. 15.11.1921.

BREWIS William John. 17.04.1919.

CHEEK Alice May. 03.03.1964.

CHEEK Robert John. 08.01.1942.

CLEMENTS Mabel Ethel. 11.07.1966.

CRAIG James. 04.08.1934.

CREAGH Gerald Wade. June 1876.

DORE Margaret Rosina. 31.03.1935.

DUKE Rebecca Elizabeth. 06.01.1938.

GAGE Sarah Jane. 11.02.1930.

GATRELL Henry John. 20.01.1916.

GATRELL Honor Maria. 13.01.1945.

GAWN Ellen Rose. 07.09.1942.

GRAHAM Sarah Maria. 09.10.1936.

HEPTINSTALL Frank. 03.03.1971.

HISCOCK Thomas James. 29.05.1936.

HODGE Celia Jane. 04.11.1930.

HOWLING Jabez Joseph. 07.07.1934.

JAMES Emily. 26.03.1935.

JAMES Mary. 22.11.1934.

JAMES William. 05.08.1934.

KENT Elsie Gladys. 14.12.1971.

LAWRENCE Frederick William. 12.11.1940.

LEWIS Frank Harold. 09.02.1930.

LOADER Maria. 01.01.1912.

MARSHALL Leonard James. 30.03.1935.

MORRIS Rita Mary Flobell. Aug 1929.

NICHOLLS Esther Margery. 02.09.1894.

NUTT Florence Mary. 07.01.1921.

OSBORN Charles. 01.04.1919.

PRITCHARD Maldwyn. 20.01.1966.

REEVES Jessie. 19.02.1942.

RICE Ethel Margaret. 23.12.1963.

ROBERTS Charles. 19.01.1894.

SMALL Mary Ann. Feb 1912.

SMITH Ernest James. 01.11.1920.

SPARSHOTT Esther Kate. Oct 1983.

SPARSHOTT James Harry. 28.05.1961.

SWEETMAN Ellen Elizabeth. 31.08.1934.

TARVER Eliza Louisa. 07.10.1934.

TAYLOR Albert. 23.12.1902.

TAYLOR Caroline Elizabeth. 15.09.1920.

TEWKESBURY Marie Louise. 02.07.1941.

WILSON Evaline. 21.08.1920.

WILSON Frederick. 06.11.1964.

WOOLDRIDGE Evelyn Muriel. March 1935.

Image source: Sale Catalogue from the RSHG Archive Roy Brinton Collection