Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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July 2017 Biographical details added

Salisbury Restaurant, Union Street, Ryde

In July, our busy research team added 40 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr Alfred James,  proprietor of the Salisbury Restaurant, Union-street, Ryde.  He was a well-known local tradesman.

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BAGWELL Reginald Harry. 22.07.1964.

BANKS John Rupert. 07.04.1965.

BEE Laura. 29.06.1944.

CLARK William. 12.09.1885.

COOK Alfred Charles. 19.04.1931.

COOKE Caroline Rebecca. 24.11.1883.

DIBBENS Ann. 05.04.1899.

DIBBENS William. 22.08.1894.

DOLOHAN James. 07.09.1888.

EWBANK Lucy Cordelia. 26.05.1950.

FOOTER Miriam Agnes. 15.01.1956.

GRANT William Edward. 31.03.1918.

GREEN William John. 14.07.1943.

GREGORY Henry. 04.03.1947.

GREGORY Mary. 24.07.1944.

HAWKINS Joseph. 10.11.1931.

HENDY Agnes Emma. 01.07.1945.

HEWISON Claude Henry. 01.07.1950.

HILL Gladys. 18.12.1971.

HILLIER George. 04.04.1901.

HOFMAN Stanley James. 11.08.1956.

HOLBROOK Jean Maureen. 28.03.1967.

HUNNYBUN George Henry. 26.09.1967.

HUTCHINGS John Hanmer. 26.02.1950.

JAMES Alfred. 05.04.1897.

JONES Harold Francis. 07.11.1964.

JONES Kate. 14.10.1965.

LININGTON Edgar Henry. 03.11.1964.

MILLIGAN Elizabeth Margaret. 25.06.1876.

NEWNHAM Sarah Sophia. 07.03.1970.

PEGG David. 17.06.1923.

RANN Archibald Ernest. 04.06.1953.

RYALL Janet. 30.06.1944.

SMITH Frances. 12.08.1897.

SLATER William Thomas. 27.05.1950.

STANWAY George Ernest. 08.06.1944.

TRAVERS Edmund Edward. 27.03.1939.

TUCKER Ellen Gertrude. 12.02.1940.

VINCENT Charles Greaves. 01.11.1929.

WITHERS John. 06.10.1907.

Image source: Old Ryde Postcard (Ann Barrett Collection)