Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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February 2018 Biographical details added

The Archway entrance to Westfield

In February, our busy research team added 36 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Admiral Sir Augustus James William Clifford, whose Island home was “Westfield” Spencer Road, Ryde. His obituary tells of a very distinguished Naval career and time spent with Nelson.

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ARNOLD Henry Tom. 07.02.1958.

BALLARD Gertrude Ellen. Jan 1961.

BAND Frank. 04.05.1930.

BESSANT Frank. 06.02.1958.

BEVIS Thomas Robert. 28.07.1891.

BRADDY Adelaide Mary. 01.12.1943.

BRADDY Elizabeth Anne. Feb 1938.

BRADDY Walter Frederick. 09.05.1906.

BRAIN Alexander Richard. 29.06.1885.

CLIFFORD Augustus James William (Admiral). 08.02.1877.

COOMBES John. 05.08.1888.

DAMP Edwin. 03.02.1905.

ELERS NAPIER Eliza Louisa. 15.04.1892.

GOUGH William. 27.02.1943.

GUY Elizabeth. 21.07.1971.

HARVEY Thomas. 14.01.1894.

JOHNSTON Jane Archer. 07.01.1901.

JONES Daniel. 20.04.1895.

JUMAN William. 26.10.1895.

KEMP Joseph. 19.04.1892.

KENTFIELD Thomas. Dec.1899.

LININGTON Alfred Charles. 19.12.1930.

LONGMAN George Edward. 07.07.1884.

MILLER Dorothy Blanche. 29.11.1943.

POORE Charlotte Adela. 23.11.1943.

RODWELL Priscilla. Oct 1916.

RODWELL Samuel. 03.03.1929.

SCHOLEFIELD Charles Joshua (Lieut). 05.02.1905.

SHEPPERD Henry. 16.02.1897.

SIMS John. 28.03.1866.

SIVIER Henry Beazley. 13.06.1884.

TAYLOR Joseph Wolstenholme Hardcastle. 04.04.1884.

TIPPINGE Vernon. 22.04.1892.

TOWERS-CLARK Mirabel Bladen Neil. 07.05.1948.

WHITE Henry Ears. 22.08.1893.

WILMOT William Byam (Dr). 08.11.1874.

Image source: Old postcard Ann Barrett collection