Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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March 2018 Biographical details added

Houses of Parliament

In March, our busy research team added 38 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr George Grinder, for 38 years attached to the General Post-office during part of which time he acted as postman in the House of Commons.

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BURDEN Ellen May. 06.02.1940.

BUTCHER Henry John. 19.09.1917.

CHESSELL William Frederick. 16.07.1945.

CHUBB Edwin George. 10.07.1975.

COOPER John. 16.11.1903.

DALLIMORE Mercy. 27.10.1918.

DEWEY Annie May. 02.01.1950.

DUNNE Emily. 19.03.1950.

FRENCH Thomas. 31.03.1898.

GRINDER George. 18.02.1929.

HARRINGTON Jane. 08.09.1883.

HOFMAN Ellen Rose. 12.07.1945.

HOXLEY Edith Betsy. 26.11.1930.

JACKMAN George. 20.11.1903.

JACOBS William. 27.11.1903.

JAMES Edmund Aloysius. 29.06.1940.

JENKINS Elfrieda Katherina. 18.09.1936.

JOLLIFFE Elisha Paul. 15.05.1898.

LEWIS Edith. 17.04.1966.

LOVEGROVE Thomas William Frederick. 01.03.1885.

MACHIN Emma Mary Louisa. 31.07.1892.

MUNFORD Bertha. November 1897.

MUNFORD Charles Frederick. May 1895.

NEWNHAM Dorothy Bessie. 29.08.1967.

ROSS Andrea Beyneschini. 23.06.1904.

SHUBRICK Mary Flora Fanny. 19.09.1920.

SMITH Caroline Ann. 25.03.1952.

SMITH Charlotte Mary. 31.10.1874.

SMITH Marie Elizabeth. 24.07.1969.

SQUIBB Florence. 25.06.1964.

TEBBS Peter Frederick John. 03.12.1970.

TOMS Ann. Feb 1920.

TRIM Peter. 13.01.1900.

TRIM Sarah. 10.01.1900.

WARREN Bessie Annie. 25.09.1917.

WHITE Annie Bertha Louisa. 03.03.1950.

WILLS Frank Henry 14.11.1943.

WILLSON Thomas. 28.06.1893.

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