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Strong Stuff, this Cider!

Ryde Rowing Club Races 1907

Ryde Rowing Club is one of the Isle of Wight’s oldest sports clubs, having been in continuous existence since 1877. The Isle of Wight Times had an amusing article relating to the Club’s 1961 Regatta.

Ryde Rowing Club members hardly knew whether to laugh or cry when their 85th annual regatta got off to an unusual start on Sunday.

A cider bottle wielded by Mrs. P. Wadham was used to christen the glistening new sliding-seat pair which they had spent the winter making.

It must have been stronger cider than anyone realised – with a thud that blanched the faces of the strongest oarsmen, it produced a dent in the delicately shaped bow – but failed to shatter!

Mrs. Wadham tried again, and this time the bottle broke.

Members were so busy examining the damage afterwards they forgot to present her with the bouquet …

Source: Isle of Wight Times 6 July 1961
Picture source: postcard Ryde Rowing Club Annual Races September 1907, Ann Barrett Collection