Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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September 2018 Biographical details added

Isle of Wight Railway monogram

In September, our busy research team added 49 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr Robert John Sweetman who had served the Isle of Wight Railway for over half a century.

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ATTRILL Frederick James (Sapper). 09.11.1918.

BENNETT Aurelia. 07.03.1934.

BONE John. 30.10.1885.

BROOKE-HITCHING Sarah Kussoth (Lady). 22.10.1932.

BUTCHER Hugh Linden (child). 18.06.1893.

BUTLER Frederick. 21.08.1921.

CERRITO Elizabeth. August 1921.

CRABB Amelia Maria. Nov 1926.

DOWNER William Oscar. 24.01.1933.

DUNCAN Hilda Kate (child). April 1886.

FIELD Elizabeth. 01.10.1955.

FORD Robert. 29.12.1947.

FOWLER Elizabeth. 20.12.1921.

FRENCH Ellen. 09.05.1960.

GRAY Robert George Raleigh. 03.08.1960.

GRIFFITHS Violet (child). 29.05.1885.

HALLETT Henrietta Gertrude. 15.09.1939.

HALLETT Henry Jacob (child). March 1886.

HAYLES Henry. 12.02.1897.

JEFFREYS Edmund Richard (Gen.). 03.04.1889.

JEFFREYS Mary Vans. 08.12.1909.

JONES James William. March 1935.

KENT Charlie. 16.01.1964.

KENT Margaret Elizabeth. 23.12.1973.

LACEY Leah. 02.08.1915.

LINFIELD Geoffrey Gordon Clifford. 26.02.1959.

MORRIS Annetta Florence. 23.11.1951.

MOXHAM Jane. March 1890.

NORRIS Frederick Charles (child). August 1893.

NORRIS Wilfrid George (child). April 1898.

ORCHARD Victor Albert (child). 19.11.1904.

PERKIS George Henry. 27.02.1940.

REDMAN James. 23.1.1890.

ROBERTSON David (Stoker RN). 02.10.1901.

ROCHFORT Margaret. 10.01.1995.

ROGERS Edith Annie. 17.03.1947.

SCOVELL Hugh Benjamin. 03.11.1948.

SHEATH Elizabeth. 06.01.1929.

SMITH Jessie Eveline. Jan 1891.

SMITH Joe Sidney (child). 15.03.1886.

SNOW Grace Margaret (child). June 1893.

SWEETMAN Robert John. 19.04.1950.   featured name

THACKERAY John. 05.01.1875.

THORN Harry George. 21.11.1952.

THORN Mary King. 29.06.1966.

TITE Winifred Maud. 10.01.1956.

VINCENT Charles Greaves. 01.11.1929.

WELLS Bessie (child). March 1886.

WOODS Emily. 29.08.1945.

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