Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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March 2019 Biographical details added

The Lion Hotel

In March, our busy research team added 47 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mrs Emily Ann Newnham, who assisted her husband in running the Lion Hotel in Ryde High street.

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ALEXANDER Nina Stewart. 12.05.1917.

BALL Daisy Lillian Christiana. 07.02.1969.

BARTLETT John William. 06.02.1959.

BISHOP Archibald George. 01.03.1969.

BUCKLAND George William (child). 05.04.1888.

BULSTRODE Anne. 21.06.1914.

BULSTRODE Henry Wilton. 17.02.1959.

BURROW Thomas George (child). 05.12.1883.

BURT Percival Arthur (child). 11.12.1883.

BUSHELL Miriam Alice (child). 18.10.1887

CAMPBELL George Arthur (child). 11.11.1887.

COOKE Christopher Harold. 18.02.1959.

EWBANK Alice Caroline (child). 23.03.1864.

EWBANK Sarah Lydia. 11.10.1928.

EYCOTT Edward Claud (child). 20.12.1883.

FLUX Henry. 08.02.1924.

FURMIDGE Blanche Louise (child). 28.11.1883.

HALFACRE Elizabeth. 26.08.1895.

HALL Frederick. 05.02.1959.

HERBERT Alfred Henry (child). 21.02.1888.

HERBERT Lily (child). 28.01.1892.

HILTON Gertrude May (child). 11.04.1888.

HOLDAWAY George Henry. 12.07.1963.

HOUSE Amelia. 18.06.1906.

HOUSE Charles. July 1926.

JELLETT Florence Ellen (child). 01.07.1888.

KERSWELL Kathleen Emily (child). 03.12.1883.

LADLOW Mary Rosina (child). 22.09.1899.

MACGREGOR Lilian Marie. 09.04.1959.

MCLEAN Roderick Charles McKie (child). Oct 1888.

MEW Louisa Jane (child). 22.05.1869.

NEWELL Ruth. 20.09.1940.

NEWNHAM Emily Ann. 15.02.1969.  featured name

ORCHARD Bessie May (child). 02.04.1886.

ORCHARD Edwin Wilfred (child). 28.03.1889.

PLUMMER James Purdey. 19.04.1932.

RACKETT William. 05.07.1937.

READ Emily Julia. 29.01.1919.

RHIND Joseph Spragg. 16.09.1955.

RUSSELL Edith Lucy Alice (child). 18.09.1899.

SALTER Arthur Rowland. 10.2.1959.

TAYLOR Harry William. 21.05.1950.

THOMAS Henry Morgan. 10.02.1969.

VANNER Evelyn Winifred. 11.02.1959.

WATSON Henry Gordon (Col). 05.03.1909.

WEST Celia. 12.03.1894.

WEST George. 05.11.1904.

Image source: Kevin Mitchell