Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Meeting Some Residents of Monkton Street

Ticehurst's Sub Post Office

As part of the Aggie Fest on Saturday 30 March 2019, RSHG members performed their ‘Meet the Residents’ at the Lounge Cafe in Monkton Street.

First, Mrs. Ann Penty, played by Ann Barrett, popped across the road from the Rajah Brook Hotel where she was the landlady in 1890. Mrs. Penty and her husband Charles had worked in service for the first white Rajah in the 1850s and 60s. She recalled some amazing adventures in the forests of Borneo, amongst wild tribal peoples, where they often had to flee for their lives when rebellion broke out. Thankfully, running a pub in Ryde for the last 20 years had provided her with much calmer and happier tales.

Next up, was Mr. Eugene Ticehurst , played by Dave Bushell and the year was 1929. We were actually in his business premises, the old Sub Post Office, started by Eugene’s father Henry in 1882. Eugene Ticehurst had also been a successful photographer with studios in Newport as well as Ryde. As always, Dave’s portrayal of his character’s recollections and comments on life were very entertaining and we included some audience participation at this point. It took a bit of extra work from narrator, Kate MacDonell, to keep the general plot on track, with all the ad-libbing that was going on.

Our final resident was Miss Nelly Blake, played by Hilary Lloyd and the year was 1941. Miss Blake was the daughter of the renown Veterinary Surgeon who lived at 23 Monkton Street and was employed throughout the Island for almost 60 years. Mr. John Vickers Blake had even been in service to Queen Victoria as her personal Veterinarian at Osborne. Miss Blake described some interesting and poignant aspects of her father’s work and remembered many happy family times.

Although only a small audience, as the venue was only small, the performance was received with great enthusiasm and everyone present appeared to have a lot of fun.

Thanks to the organisers of Aggie Fest for asking us to be part of this festival.

Picture source: RSHG Archive