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Ryde Architecture

Brook House Country Club, situated just off the main road through Binstead and extending in open country with a variety of amenities to please its clientele. The brochure sets out much to entice the sportsman to partake of a leisurely holiday there, with others places of interest such as: Shops, Theatre, Pier and secluded beaches, within a short stroll to Ryde.

In the post war year of 1947 the house and grounds were acquired by Louis Hertel, through V.D.S. Fowler & Co, Estate House, Ryde.  Mr Hertel re-opened Brook House Country Club as a new social club for ladies and gentlemen on Monday July, 14th 1947, with the date of the official opening ceremony, to be performed by “Big Hearted” Arthur Askey,  to be announced in due course.  Particulars could be obtained from the club secretary.

In the local press at that time were various good wishes to Mr Louis Hertel, from Hartnalls of Union Street who supplied the furniture and fittings, also from Terry Wood and the Shanklin Brewery, who no doubt supplied the liquid refreshments.

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