Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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February 2020 Biographical Details added

In February, our busy research team added 50 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Nellie Katherine Blissett, who  had written several novels of an historical character, she also wrote under the nom de plume “Anthony Dillington.”

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ATKEY Florence Emily Perkins. 23.04.1949

BARTLETT Muriel Evelyn (child). 19.07.1914.

BARTLETT William Augustus. 19.09.1958.

BLACKMORE William Ernest. 31.03.1955.

BLAKE Emily Margaret. 16.12.1967.

BLISSETT Nellie Katherine. 07.10.1948featured name

BUTLER Mary Ann. 08.11.1919.

BUXEY John. 028.12.1914.

CHIVERS Mary May. 13.07.1958.

COAR Annie Elizabeth. 15.01.1967.

COLEMAN Arthur James. 17.10.1897.

CROSS William Anthony George Ward (child). 13.09.1921.

DEWDNEY Alice May. 06.01.1953.

DUNFORD Alice May. 14.03.1959.

DUNFORD Oliver Charles. 07.06.1949.

ETCHELLS Ellen. 21.10.1928.

FISHER Marie Elizabeth. 04.11.1941.

FORD Frederick Harold (Pte). 05.02.1920.

GAWN Dorothy Elizabeth. 07.03.1954.

GAWN George Arthur (child). 21.02.1870.

HAM Samuel James. 25.04.1942.

HARRIS Kate Elizabeth. 27.04.1928.

HARVEY Rosina Mary. 21.05.1950.

HAWKINS Ada Louisa. 04.02.1920.

HEWETT Edith. 17.02.1920.

JACKSON William James Scott. 30.01.1955.

JAMES Frederick William. 28.11.1932.

KING Wallace Tom. 17.02.1941.

KIRKBY Lucy Elizabeth. 04.01.1955.

LAMBERT James Frederick. 16.01.1937.

LODDER Ada. 20.04.1967.

MCCANN Patrick. 26.02.1870.

MILLER Edith Louise. 25.10.1967.

MORDAN Ethel Sarah. 14.09.1950.

MUNDELL Ada Annie. 24.08.1949.

NEWNHAM Maria Catherine. 14.04.1932.

NORRIS Alice. 23.01.1955.

PETERS Edmund Henry. 07.10.1904.

PILKINGTON Harriet Sarah. 06.11.1919.

RASHLEY Harry William. 03.10.1953.

RICHARDS Frances Catherine Anne. 29.10.1893.

SHIPPARD Walkinshaw Orlando Courtney. April 1920.

STEWARD John. 09.05.1886.

STREET Henry Thomas (RN). 14.12.1919.

WECKMAN Otto Wilhelm. 11.11.1865.

WHITTINGTON Frederick George. 24.04.1942.

WILLSTEED Frances Beatrice. 28.03.1953.

WOODWARD Elizabeth Hannah. 10.09.1932.

WRIGHT Ethel Rose. 16.11.1948.

WRIGHT Reginald Henry. 03.11.1967.

image source: Google Books