Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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April 2020 Biographical Details added

Garden Show at Ryde Town Hall

In April, our busy research team added 51 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr Alfred Ernest Thompson, a  skilful horticulturist, who exhibited with success in Island shows. He was the only amateur and last holder of the Borough of Ryde Chrysanthemum challenge cup.

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BARNETT Frances Matilda. 14.02.1870.

BARTLETT Edith May. 04.02.1970.

BLYTH Jean. 18.12.1935.

BRADING Walter. 05.01.1949.

CASS Emily. 28.08.1939.

CASS Frederick. 31.10.1941.

DENHAM Agnes Mary. 18.03.1970.

FOX Elsie Elizabeth. 23.12.1935.

GRIST George William. 06.03.1970.

HAYLES-VANHOUCKE Angele Simone. 09.12.1962.

JENNINGS Jane Mary Ann. 10.07.1873.

KNOTT Sarah Elizabeth. 23.11.1920.

LEWIS Susan Louisa. 21.09.1878.

MACKETT Ernest Charles. March 1920.

MARVIN Gertrude Sophia. 25.07.1923.

MITCHELL Percy. 20.08.1951.

MURSELL Henry Joseph. 09.10.1942.

NORRIS Ada Harriet. 05.10.1956.

READ May. Jan 1955.

REASON Ethel May. 21.02.1948.

ROBBINS Sidney Elizabeth. 28.02.1920.

RUSSELL Alexander Newbury. 08.02.1955. 

SCHADEK Bruno. 23.04.1970.

SHAW Marian. 08.02.1920.

SHIPPARD Rosalie. 29.10.1937.

SILVESTER Charles Edward. 06.09.1920.

SIVELL Frederick Thomas (Rfn). 12.01.1920.

SKOLUDEK Max. 01.03.1970.

SMITH Charles (PO). 18.06.1907.

STARKE Agnes. 10.01.1947.

THOMPSON Alfred Ernest. 31.05.1959. featured name

THOMPSON Mabel. 14.04.1970.

THOMSON David. 22.05.1913.

TURNER Anna. 03.11.1923.

TURNER William Shamrock. 07.03.1970.

VORSHMANN William. 01.03.1915.

WALLIS Henry. 04.10.1869.

WEEKS Henry William Oscar. 21.02.1955.

WELCH Mary Elizabeth. 15.08.1958.

WHALE Arthur Vivian Harold. 19.03.1970.

WHITE Jane Eleanor. 12.12.1921.

WHITE Lizzie. 01.08.1943.

WHITTINGTON Hannah. 02.01.1920.

WILLIAMS Blanche. 22.08.1972.

WILLIAMS Charles Edward. 16.02.1927.

WILLSON Mary Jane. 29.02.1924.

WINTER Ellen Edith. 21.11.1953.

WOODNUTT Martha Jane. 18.12.1950.

WOODWARD Frederick Arthur (PC). 20.02.1949.

YEARBURY Lizzie May. 15.04.1970.

YOUNG Phyllis Gladys Vera (child). 29.08.1927.

Image source: RSHG Archive (courtesy of Barbara Petty)