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March/April 2020 Biographical Details added

Rear Admiral Sir Edward Berry

During March and April, our busy research team added 42 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mrs Patty Walford who was the sister of Rear Admiral Sir Edward Berry, 1st Baronet, known for his role as flag captain of Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson’s ship H.M.S. Vanguard.

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ANDREWS Arthur. 08.08.1942.

ATTRILL Harriet Rebecca. 09.11.1953.

BELL Harold. 10.12.1958.

BULL Maurice Frank. 19.10.1920.

CASTLE Edith Annie May. 18.05.1949.

CHISHOLM Eliza. 12.01.1844.

COLE Thomas Frederick. 26.05.1851.

CONWAY Harriett Ellen. 24.03.1909.

COOKE Alfred Thomas. 15.04.1895.

DAWSON Henry Coleridge (Lieut-Col). 21.07.1928.

DUNKINSON Charles Frederick. 16.03.1944.

DUNKINSON Percy George. 04.03.1944.

EAMES Annie. 03.02.1949.

FIRTH Ethel Mary. 19.09.1958.

FITZPATRICK Charles (Major). 09.12.1944.

GILES Eliza Neale. 20.12.1920.

HAIR Henry James. 11.09.1944.

HALSTED Walter. 06.03.1954.

HARRISON George Alfred Hall. 26.10.1924.

HARVEY Sarah Ann. 01.11.1920.

HENRY John. 23.12.1878.

HUNNYBUN Charles Michael George Tucker. Oct 1961.

LOCK Emily. 20.04.1941.

PARSONS George. 06.10.1920.

PHELPS Windsor. 08.03.1959.

PUCKLE Thomas John (Rev). 07.12.1920.

RANDALL Gilbert. 03.09.1927.

REEVES Frederick Thomas. 05.01.1928.

ROBINSON Edward. 06.11.1961.

ROGERS Alfred (child). 27.02.1870.

SAUNDERS Edith Mary. 15.12.1948.

SIMMONS James Frederick. 31.05.1959.

SOUTER William Edward. 17.06.1948.

STICKLEE Alfred Charles. 24.02.1955.

TATTNALL Archibald Thomas. 22.02.1931.

THORNE Arthur William. 22.01.1955.

TICEHURST Henry Alexander. 24.01.1925.

WALFORD Patty. 04.05.1843.  featured name

WALFORD Richard. 02.10.1848.

WALKER Phil. 19.04.1959.

WARD Joseph Albert. 17.04.1959.

YOUNG Emma. 27.07.1907.

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