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May 2020 Biographical Details added

Marconi Stone at Alum Bay

In May, our busy research team added 54 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr William Densham, who was associated with Marconi as an engineer for a long period. He was one of the 10 original employees of the inventor and assisted in his earliest wireless experiments at Alum Bay.

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ALLEN Eliza. 09.06.1920.

BARTON Kathleen May. 23.04.1951.

BARTON Mary Anabel. 16.01.1921.

BECKER Lydia Anne. 04.03.1895.

BONHAM CARTER Cyril. 30.03.1978.

BROOKE Isaac. 23.07.1904.

BROOMFIELD Olive May. 18.03.1953.

BRUCE Isabel Langrishe. 23.06.1953.

BULL Alma Violet. 24.04.1951.

CALL Harold Edgar. 29.10.1898.

CANTWELL Annie Louise. 22.06.1941.

CANTWELL May Isobel. 22.06.1941.

CARTER Cicely Louisa. 05.05.1977.

CARTER Kathleen Martha. 09.09.1948.

CHILDS Arthur. 26.06.1927.

CHIPP Georgina Grace Carruthers. 26.05.1939.

COOMBES Isabella. 13.05.1920.

CREETH Flora Doris. 31.05.1966.

CREETH Hilda Lucy. 12.01.1966.

CROAD Jessie Emily Louisa. 30.04.1970.

DENHAM John Allen (PC). 20.09.1920.

DENSHAM William. 25.10.1947. Featured Name

DONNO Emily Florence Lillian. 04.02.1972.

EBDEN Mary. Jan 1933.

FLEMING Emily. 05.09.1926.

FOSS Eveline Ellen. 06.12.1962.

GILMORE William George Alfred. 17.02.1967.

GLADDIS John. 31.03.1917.

HARRIS George Thomas. 02.08.1965.

HOCKNEY Thomas Skipworth. 19.10.1952.

JANAWAY Emily Blanche. 16.04.1934.

JOLLIFFE Mary Ellen. 25.05.1920.

LAVERS Eliza (death of grandson) LAVERS Derek Anthony Victor (Capt). 26.07.1944.

LIGHTFOOT Frank. 16.07.1920.

NEWNHAM Edward Robert Harvey. 16.04.1934.

QUAYLE George Cunningham (Capt). 13.06.1919.

RICHARDS Frederick Percival. 23.04.1951.

RUSSELL Ellen. 02.07.1953.

SARGENT Frederick William. 16.05.1920.

SQUIBB Wallwin Lambert. 16.01.1937.

TAYLOR Elizabeth. April 1920.

TAYLOR Harry Archibald Boyce. 23.09.1962.

THEARLE Henry. 13.10.1919.

TILLER Arthur James. 28.01.1961.

TILLER Ethel Thornton. 25.04.1970.

TOMS Kate Ellen. 14.12.1962.

TRUCKEL George. 27.11.1935.

VANNER Albert. 14.04.1934.

WATTS Albert Edward Ernest. 25.09.1970.

WHITNEY Charles Frederick. 07.02.1929.

WILLETT Julia. 06.02.1958.

WILSON John. 09.05.1970.

WOODWARD Frederick Arthur. 20.02.1949.

Images source: Wikimedia Commons