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Flags Across the Sea

New Banner Unfurled Postcard by Broderick


The unfurling of the large Union Jack, made and sent to the scholars of Ryde by the children of Ryde, New South Wales, Australia, for the purpose of more closely uniting the Colonies with the Mother Country, took place amid a scene of great enthusiasm on Friday 14th June 1907.  The scholars from all the Ryde Schools, numbering about 1,500, assembled in the playgrounds of St. John’s Road School, where, at the corner of one of these large recreation yards, a 30-foot flagstaff had been erected.  Surrounding the foot of the pole was a raised dais, covered with red cloth, on which were standing the Mayor and Mayoress of Ryde, Ald. and Mrs. A. J. Coombes, the deputy-Mayor, Councillor J. I. Barton, and many other important dignitaries.  The Town Clerk (Mr. C.G. Vincent) was invited to read the letter sent by the children from Australia.

The Mayor gave an address and said that the letter had been sent with the object of promoting the Empire spirit between the Colonies and England.  He was sure that the children would fully appreciate the efforts of the Australian children.  He trusted the example set by the children from the Colonies would have the effect of promoting the Empire sentiment, and would cause the children of Ryde to grow up to be good citizens of the country.  Mr. Mears was asked to accept the flag on behalf of the Ryde Education Committee.

The flag was then run up by the Mayor, amid great enthusiasm, with the photographers as busy as possible in their perches on chimneys, walls, etc.  It was unfurled and waved in the breeze at the head of the pole, while the children cheered and cheered again.

Arrangements were being made by which the Ryde children shall send out a flag to the scholars of Ryde, N.S.W.

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sources: IW Leader Newspaper. RSHG Archive & Roy Brinton Collection photo