Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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June 2020 Biographical Details Added

St. Cecilia's Abbey

In June, our busy research team added 44 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Miss Elizabeth Treacy.  In 1900 she became associated with the Liege Congregation of Benedictines, then living at Ventnor. When they removed to St. Cecilia’s in 1922 she came with them and acted as portress.  She was one of the few links between the nuns and the outside world.

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BARTLETT Annie. 28.02.1936.

BLOOD-RYAN Hugh William. 13.03.1948.

BULL Fanny Ann. 02.09.1937.

BUTT Henry John. 12.10.1876.

CANTWELL Albert Edward. 27.02.1929.

CARTER Sybil. 14.03.1971.

COLEMAN Joseph. 16.11.1921.

CORRIN George Henry. 05.05.1917.

DENHAM Maria Ann. 14.10.1948.

DICKSON Harriet (Dame). 06.01.1863.

DONNO Frederick Clarence. 21.08.1951.

EAMES Douglas Harry. 24.03.1923.

ELDRIDGE George Henry. 04.02.1926.

GAINES William Oliver. 24.05.1977.

GRANGE Frederick Hawtree. 30.07.1970.

GUY Charles William. May 1977.

HENWOOD Gertrude Elizabeth. 23.08.1951.

HOLBROOK Arthur. Dec 1935.

HUNT James Henry. 28.03.1952.

KEMP Alfred. 23.09.1938.

KEMP Alice Maud Mary. 23.06.1936.

LOADER James Frederick. 25.04.1920.

MORGAN Frank. 28.10.1957.

MORGAN Laura Mary. 27.11.1962.

NAPPER Catherine Annie. 01.01.1936.

NORRIS Nora Ida. 17.11.1942.

PARSONS Reginald Frederick. 25.12.1920.

PEARSON Edward Bruce (Rev). 02.05.1920.

PHILLIPS Ethel Florence. 19.08.1972.

RUSSELL Elizabeth Ann. 01.03.1936.

RUSSELL Emily Louisa. 03.11.1948.

SEARLE Frederick. 04.06.1948.

SMALLWOOD Thomas. 25.12.1920.

SPRINGER Mabel Mary. 20.06.1964.

STEWARD Ann. 23.10.1888.

STOOKS Cecil Sumner (Rev). 02.07.1939.

TATTNALL Diana Williams. 03.11.1923.

TAYLER Ernest. 14.08.1936.

TERRY Bessie Annie. 22.05.1936.

TREACY Elizabeth. 29.09.1938. Featured name

WHITE Ellen Sarah. 01.01.1957.

WILD Arnold Henry. 21.02.1936.

WILDER Augusta. 10.10.1858.

WRIGHT Hilda Gertrude May. Dec 1977.

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