Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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August 2020 Biographical Details Added

National School, Green Street, Ryde

In August, our busy research team added 42 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Miss Kate Hollis, who started her career as a pupil teacher, and then worked her way up at various schools to Headmistress at the National School in Green Street, Ryde.

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ADAMS John Henry. 07.03.1942.

BELSON Eliza Kate. 06.02.1941.

BLYTHE Ethel Louise. April 1977.

BOND Mary. 04.08.1874.

BURDEN Harriet. 11.10.1920.

CHAPPELL James Percy. 21.10.1970.

CHIPP William Squire Fry. 25.11.1933.

CONCHIE Andrew. 23.06.1899.

DAVENPORT Katherine. 07.01.1909.

DRAYSEY Elsie Emily Frances. 19.01.1974.

DRAYTON Lionel Frederick Charles. 06.11.1953.

FRY Wallace Henry. 27.10.1944.

GOSDEN Ethel Amy. 24.03.1965.

HARRIS Louisa. 18.04.1945.

HAYNES Jane. 19.05.1899.

HOLLIS Kate. 19.04.1968.    featured name

JAMES Bessie. 09.06.1972.

JONES Alice Rose. 17.09.1962.

LEWIS Reginald Arthur Francis (child). 22.01.1919.

LOCKWOOD Henry John Arthur. 31.07.1882.

LOVEGROVE Alfred Hedley Roberts. 24.02.1971.

LOVEGROVE Isabel Helen. 14.03.1979.

MACKERSIE David. 30.11.1973.

MILFORD Albert Edward. 12.02.1941.

MYATT George Harris. 05.07.1958.

NORMAN William. 07.05.1894.

NORRIS Frederick. 15.05.1934.

PACK Henry. 18.09.1896.

QUARRIER Edith Jane. 29.04.1951.

QUARRIER George. 10.03.1942.

RIDGLEY Elizabeth. 07.02.1941.

ROGERS Alan Victor. 08.07.1960.

SHACKLETON George Robert. 28.085.1964.

SHAW Emily Frampton. 27.12.1935.

SKINNER John Holt. 20.07.1899.

TUCKER Michael. 16.03.1965.

TURNER Edith Jane. 14.02.1962.

WADDON Frederick Joseph. 28.01.1918.

WAITE Henry. 10.03.1922.

WARDER Joseph. 05.08.1875.

WESTON Elizabeth McMillan. 27.08.1970.

YOUNG Ellen. 23.03.1950.

Image source: RSHG Archive Roy Brinton Collection