Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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September 2020 Biographical Details Added

Call Office 38 Union Street

In September, our busy research team added 42 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr Alfred Edwin Macleod-Carey, who for 10 years until 1914 was the Island manager of the National Telephone Company.

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ANDERSON Harriett Jane. 29.11.1931.

ARNOLD Kathleen Clarissa. 30.01.1956.

BARTLETT John. 04.06.1934.

BATTERBURY Ruth. 30.10.1938.

BOWLBY Edward Salvin. 04.11.1902.

BRIGSTOCKE William Player. 05.03.1929.

CARTER Mary Maria. 16.03.1951.

COCKS Fanny Adelaide. 17.02.1935.

COTTELL Ada. 07.03.1966.

DRAYSEY Sidney John. 28.06.1974.

DYER William Henry. 05.08.1945.

FREEMAN Mary Ann. 02.02.1956.

GRANT William Edward. 31.03.1918.

HARRIS David Barry. 30.04.1948.

HARRIS Henry. 09.06.1971.

HARRIS Sarah Anne. 01.03.1984.

HIGSON Minnie Ellis. 22.11.1970.

HOLLIS Samuel. 17.03.1951.

JAMES Percy Woodmore. 07.11.1941.

JELLICOE Edith Lucy. 02.06.1959.

JESSOP Elizabeth Lydia. 16.01.1882.

JONES Alice Rose. 17.09.1962.

JONES Mary Elizabeth. 13.03.1966.

LOADER Alice. 31.05.1934.

LOWE Alice Mary. 12.04.1922.

MACLEOD-CAREY Alfred Edwin. 27.01.1959.  featured name

MATTHEWS Christopher Gilbert. 15.11.1946.

OSMAN Ellen. 24.08.1953.

PITT Henrietta. 11.04.1867.

REEK Emily Jane. 29.03.1945.

RHODES Cecil Henry. 02.03.1935.

SQUIBB Charles James. 11.05.1940.

THOMPSON Gertrude Mary. 18.04.1964.

TUCKER Caroline Mary Elizabeth. 14.01.1974.

TURNER Alan Harman Spencer. 16.10.1965.

TURNER Lilian Gertrude. 21.01.1971.

WHEELER Robert John. 30.04.1951.

WILLIAMS Percy. 20.08.1959.

WILTSHIRE Fanny. 23.08.1953.

WINTER Edgar Cecil. 22.08.1963.

WINTER Edwin Coultas Dodsworth. 08.08.1937.

WITHERS Selina Cole. 20.12.1957.

Image: Postcard Ann Barrett collection