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1850s Policeman

Extract from Isle of Wight Observer:


Monday -Before Thomas Fowke, Esq.

VAGRANCY.- John Abdoe, a man of colour, was apprehended  on Saturday afternoon by P.C. Troke in St. John’s Park. He saw the prisoner going to a gentleman’s house, exhibiting a begging card, soliciting alms. The servant ordered him away. He pretended not to understand English. He refused to leave, and he then took him into custody. Found on him 2s. 11d., and the tracts and cards he now produced.

P.S. Mitchell said he was an old hand about Ryde, and he had repeatedly threatened to lock him up. He could speak English well.

Defendant said he had no friends in this country, and it was no use going to his own, as he had lost caste by coming here. The money was not his own. He had business at Portsmouth, and hoped his Worship would let him start by the first boat.

Committed for seven days.

Source: Isle of Wight Observer 4 July 1863

Picture source: 1850s policeman, from wikipedia