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Ryde National School (Infants)

Formerly the Ryde National School Infants Department

The Infants department of the Ryde National School, Green street, was situated in Mount Street, opposite the main building. The premises much later, were to become the Ryde Labour Exchange. (Photo right)

Below is a small example of entries from the log book 1886-1891. It is very clear, the high proportion of deaths of pupils from childhood illnesses, that run right through these books. Only a few are mentioned here.

8 Oct 1886 – I, Ada Elizabeth Thomas, commenced my duties as Mistress of this school on Monday 4th (children present 143). staff: Miss J. Jennings, assistant mistress; Mary Connor and Florence Conlan, monitors.  I have found Miss J. Jennings an excellent assistant.

3 Dec 1886 Ernest Cooke is absent with chicken pox, Edith Webb with ringworm, and James Linington with whooping cough.

22 July 1887George Pitcher, one of the children admitted on Monday, is 6 years of age and does not know his letters.  Arthur Bushell the same age, but who has been in the school more than a year, seems unable to learn his, or to do any lessons, although seemingly an intelligent child.

7 Oct 1887 Emma Munford a child of six years, has spent her school money for three consecutive weeks instead of bringing it to school. The Vicar visited the parents who are much aggrieved and wish her to receive corporal punishment at school.

2 Apr 1888 – The names of four children were taken off the books in consequence of their deaths from measles, Harry Bulleyment, Bertie Davis, Millie Leale, and George Buckland.  More about George Buckland here

7 Jan 1889 – The names of 3 children were removed from the books, Alice Laming who died during the holidays, Clement Fowles who has been admitted to an orphanage, and Stanley Escott whose parents have removed too far for him to attend.

29 Mar 1889 – Names of two children taken off the books, Ethel Healey who died suddenly, and Arthur Jones who has left the district.

12 July 1889 – Two children in the 1st class left this week, Frederick Cooper sent to an orphanage in London, and Lily Hapgood, who in consequence of the death of her father, has gone to live in Dorset.

15 Apr 1890 – Millie Brooks and Denmark Powell have returned to school still suffering from whooping cough, they were sent home this afternoon as they coughed very badly.

23 June 1890Bessie Whittington is still suffering from whooping cough, the only child now, among those who had the complaint in the Spring.

17 July 1891 – Four children admitted.  May Fry aged 7 years, was transferred to the Girls School, as the Mistress thought her attainments now sufficient to admit her to that department.

23 Oct 1891Robert Mitchell and Frederick Butler seem unable to learn anything.  The latter who is subject to fits, cannot be punished because of his delicate state.

We are happy to search the log book transcriptions for anyone who would like us to see if the name of a relative might be mentioned. Log Book dates to hand for this school are: Girls 1862-1885 and Infants 1886-1905.  Any enquiries please, via the “Contact Us” facility on this website.

Sources: Transcribed from log books at the IW Record Office 
Image: RSHG Archive Roy Brinton Collection
Article: Ann Barrett