Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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November 2020 Biographical Details Added

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In November, our busy research team added 40 biographical records to names on the website, including that of Mr Edward Kennett Minter, who for many years traded as a butcher in High Street, Ryde.

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ATTRILL Mary Ann. 25.05.1937.

BALL Ronald William (child). 27.03.1919.

BRICE William Henry Goddard. 28.03.1960.

BROWN Alfred. 16.11.1919.

BURGESS George Henry. 11.12.1957.

BUSHELL Elizabeth. 06.10.1944.

BUSHELL Leonard. 31.08.1969.

BUTLER Frederick Charles. 09.05.1961.

CHARITY James. 09.03.1932.

CLEAVER Isabella Maria. 10.12.1957.

COLENUTT Charles Arthur. 07.01.1907.

DAVENPORT Katherine. 07.01.1909.

DYER William Daniel. 16.01.1919.

ELLERY Joseph. 08.07.1902.

FORSYTH Douglas Methuen (Comdr). 22.03.1915.

FRAMPTON Percy John. 21.11.1918.

FREEMAN Phoebe. 22.05.1937.

GALLIE George. 17.02.1943.

GARDE Ellen. 11.12.1906.

GAUNT Matthew Lister (Rev). 18.05.1949.

HARRIS Raymond (child). 14.10.1914.

HORSEY James. 03.12.1888.

JENNINGS Harry James. 20.03.1915.

LOWEN Edith May. 03.02.1942.

MAKER Emily. 19.10.1944.

MILES Elsie Dorothy Dallison. 30.08.1961.

MINTER Edward Kennett. 04.09.1900.  featured name

MINTER Ernest Thanet. 18.03.1940.

MINTER Lavinia. 09.01.1907.

MINTER Nellie Eliza. 27.08.1966.

NORRIS Frederick Ernest. 26.08.1961.

PEARSON Edward Bruce (Rev). 02.05.1920.

POLLARD Henry Hindes. 02.10.1924.

PUCKLE Thomas John (Rev). 07.12.1920.

RHODES Beatrice Zoe. 07.11.1921.

RYMER Frederick George (Gnr). 02.09.1918.

SIMS Heber Caplin (Capt). 13.09.1917.

SOTHCOTT Frederick. 04.03.1909.

SPANNER Frances. 22.05.1889.

TYRER Elizabeth Eleanor (child). 15.01.1889.

Image source: RSHG Archive