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Warne Pantomime (1890)

Principal Boy Mimic.

Ryde townsfolk will have an opportunity this Christmas to match their wits with those of a first-class escapologist act.

A box will be placed in the foyer of the Commodore for the pubic to inspect at will, as thoroughly as they choose. During the pantomime which begins on Boxing Day, the identical box will be placed on the stage, and in a matter of seconds an assistant, bound within the box will change places with another assistant, who was standing free on the stage. This illusion has baffled many of the greatest magicians in the world, and large sums have been offered for the secret, which is carefully treasured.

This will be but one of the outstanding features of the pantomime. In the cast are many prominent artists.

The principal boy, Norah Ford, who has once played at Newport, is a great comedy artist and singer. She is the only woman with Max Miller’s permission to impersonate him, which she can do to the life. Miss Ford will sing some of the most popular songs of the day during the show. The principal girl is charming Mona Maie, who is sure to make a hit with Island audiences.

The show has a woman “dame,” a most unusual thing in panto, but Winnie Warden is guaranteed to make a success of the part. Little Beryl May who has played one of the Babes in the Wood in Drury Lane, is Red Riding Hood.

Including several teams of dancers, and a famous juvenile troupe, and its own orchestra under Ernest Wolfe, who has written the incidental music, the cast numbers approximately fifty.

It will be the 21st production of the B. and H. Productions Ltd., and is to commence its run in Ryde.

Source: Isle of Wight Times 14 December 1939

Picture source: Warne Pantomime 1890 from wikimedia commons