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Here Comes the Sun

Sunshine Sky by Aaron Burden


Sunshine as a National Asset

What a boon sunshine is! How different we all feel when King Sol is pouring down his kindly rays upon us: the world seems a better place to live in, our energies are increased tenfold, and even the terrible struggle “out there” seems less of a nameless horror and more of a promise of finer things to come. And it is all due to the sun – the best purifier, the most potent tonic that worn-out bodies and jaded nerves can know. “Why,” said a Territorial officer the other day- a peace-loving and law abiding citizen in normal times -“on a sunny day I can even go to war cheerfully!”

So can we all: our own particular form of warfare, whatever it may be, takes on a high and redeeming quality which is entirely absent when the sun hides his face. From considering the physical and psychological  effect of a day of sunlight upon ourselves we can arrive at some appreciation of the enormous influence (temporary, perhaps,  but none the less important) it must have upon the sum total of national efficiency. Better spirits, better work- better health; and health and spirits depend in large measure upon the vitalising rays of the sun.


Source: Isle of Wight Observer 18 April 1917

Picture source: sunshine photo by Aaron Burden, unsplash.com