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Ryde Architecture

Ryde National School, Green Street, Ryde


Founded in Melville Street 1812 as the first free school,  the Countess of Spencer was responsible for raising the funds to build the original school and she persuaded the Lady of the Manor to give a piece of land.

The School moved to the new building in Green Street 1856/57  (Images).  The infants classes being in Mount Street.  The building has remained virtually unchanged over the years, apart from the removal of all the chimney’s.

Below are a few excerpts from the Girls Log Book 1862-1885.

02/07/1863 – We are particularly pleased with some stitching by Emma Swatheridge.

05/10/1863Georgiana Vanner, Fanny & Emma Damp and Elizabeth & Clara Phebsen, are now lying ill of the Scarlet Fever.

26/11/1863 – Received a bottle of wine from Rev. N. H. Girdlestone.  A wine glass full, to be given to Georgiana Vanner every day until she somewhat recovers her strength.

07/12/1863 – I have to record the death of two of our little ones from fever, Rose Plumley and Millie Doe.

01/02/1864 – Admitted Ellen Gale 11 years, she seems to have been much neglected.

06/04/1864M. A. Porter, a girl in the 4th standard, left school and gone into service.

21/06/1864 – Gave Ellen Blacklock a holiday to attend the Choral Festival at Newport, she being a member of St. Michael’s Choir.

17/08/1864 – The knitting class is making some progress. Julia Holland has completed a pair of socks.

08/03/1865Caroline Truckle sent home ill.

30/11/1865M. A. George sent from class for laughing with her Bible open in her hands.

01/02/1867Agnes Jackman very troublesome. Asked her Mother to keep her from school for a week, promising to give her another trial at the end of that time.

01/04/1867Elizabeth Willis has returned to school after being absent since Christmas, waiting for new boots.

24/02/1868E. Cass is gone to nurse a baby and will not be able to come to school all week.

18/02/1869 – A. Herbert kept in to sweep the school room, for disobedience and impudence.

13/09/1870 – Clara Fisher left school because she is so naughty at home.

30/01/1871 – Re-admitted Nancy Yeates. Great numbers away with colds and chilblains.

There are many more entries with names of Teachers, Girl Pupils, Parents and Visitors.  If you would like us to search for a name just send a request via the “Contact Us” page of this website.

Sources: IW Record Office ref: CC/ED/G/9/1
Images: RSHG Archive & IW Record Office
Article: Ann Barrett