Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Ryde Architecture

Berwick Lodge, Pelham Fields, Ryde

BERWICK LODGE (Pelham Fields)

Built in 1850 and first occupied by John Fielden, esq., who was a magistrate for Cheshire.  He was a widower and lived with his two unmarried daughters, Elizabeth and Margarethe.

The house changed hands in 1853 with the arrival of Mr. Richard Smith who stayed until 1855, when the house was let for one year to Mr. and Mrs. Donald McLachlan and family.  In the following year they went to live at Blenheim House, Spencer-road and in 1860 moved to the village of Binstead.

Berwick Lodge was taken over by Colonel John Temple West, who on the 24th April 1857, took up a 999 year lease at a ground rental of £22.  In May 1867 the Colonel put up the house and grounds for auction, but there were no takers and in the April of the following year he tried again, but was only able to let it out for three months to Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Carter.  However, in the August Colonel West was able to dispose of the lease to Captain and Mrs. G. Hancock.

George Hancock entered the Royal Navy in 1834 and was made a Rear-Admiral in 1872.  Little is known about Captain Hancock’s private life, but from a local newspaper announcement we know he married Maria, the daughter of Marianne, Contessa Metaxa Ansolato.  The Captain and Maria had at least two daughters.

In January 1873 the Captain let out Berwick Lodge for 12 months to Lord Charles Hotham, the 4th Baron.  Lord Charles was unmarried and died in 1872 shortly after leaving Berwick Lodge.

After Lord Charles Hotham’s departure, Captain Hancock and his family returned and Berwick Lodge remained their residence until the end of the century, although they did occasionally let out the house for periods of 12 months at a time.

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Image: Roy Brinton Collection

Article: Ann Barrett