Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Ryde Architecture

St Anne's House, Pelham Fields, Ryde. South elevation

St Anne’s Cottage 1963

St Anne’s House (photo right) was built c1843 by James Langdon.  It was divided in 1864 into two residences, St. Anne’s House and St. Anne’s Cottage, although it was still connected by 4 doors.

The occupiers in November 1852 were Mr and Mrs A. J. Hambrough, they were there for about a year until September 1853, when Mr Henry Coore & family moved into the house and stayed a few months until January 1854, they had a Mr Millbank visit them for a while

By the September 1854 Mr and Mrs Archibald Mc’Lachlan had taken over the tenancy, possibly they were there earlier in that year.  They stayed until January 1859, during which time a Miss Wedgwood was at the house in June 1855, possibly just visiting.

Princess Bariatinsky and suite took over the house for a visit, in both September 1856 and 1861

At the beginning of April 1860 Lieut-Col. Daly C.B. & Mrs Daly & family occupied the house. Their tenancy appeared to last until January 1862. The family let out the property at various times when they were away, as in July 1860 it was advertised in the fashionable list that Sir George and Lady Cooper & family had engaged St Anne’s, Pelham Fields for the season.  Mr and Mrs Brooke had taken St Anne’s cottage for the same period of time until October 1860.

The Daly’s also let out St Anne’s Cottage at times when they were at home. In October 1860 Mrs and Mrs Reed took the cottage for a short while, and in January, February and March 1861 Mrs E T Trelawny & family were there.  Major and Mrs Verner & family were regular visitors as they stayed at the cottage for six months in both 1861 and 1862.

In March 1863 General and Mrs Sullivan were living in the main house, together with Mrs Somerset D’Arcy Irvine, they remained there the longest amount of time so far until 1873.  The adjoining cottage was let to various other people during those ten years.

St Anne’s House certainly seemed to have many short terms lets over the years; Captain and Mrs H Carr Glyn & family March to May 1862; Countess Stackelburg and Suite August to November 1863;  Mr and Mrs Kleman September 1864;  Mr and Mrs Thellusson September 1865;  Mrs Worley & family 1868;  Mr and Mrs Dunn Gardner September 1873;  Miss Bax April 1878.

St Anne’s Cottage visitors residing were:  Mr and Mrs Heysham May till November 1863, July 1864 and February 1866;  Mr and Mrs Smith & family September 1864;   Mr. N. Hubbard September 1865;  Mr and Mrs Sidney Walker August 1866;  Major and Mrs Allenwright September 1867;  General French & family September 1868;  Mrs Cowan and Miss Carter November 1868;  Captain Ross & family 1870;  Hon. Slingsby Bethell November 1873.

After that date it is not clear who was living at St Anne’s, apart from Miss Jane Bax who died there in 1878.

In July 1881 Mrs Hewett & family were living in the house, her husband the Rev Philip Hewett had died 15 December 1879 at the Rectory.  In the cottage resided Lieut-Col. and Mrs Hewett & family.

The house and cottage remained in the Hewett family until the last residing daughter died in 1949, when the property was put up for auction.  The house was described as substantially built of stone in the Cotswold style with tiled roof, and approached by a gravelled drive-in.  A half timbered and glazed porch with stone floor.  Detached stabling in an enclosed yard.

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