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Ryde Newsboys’ Annual Treat

Broderick Postcard

Those about the streets on Thursday evening 13 February 1908, were doubtless struck with the entire absence of that demonstrative class of juveniles whose mission is to bring the news of the day to all and sundry.  Those who had once in a way bestir themselves in order that they might procure their usual copy of the “Extra Special” were probably the last to begrudge the newsboys the relaxation from duty which gave them the opportunity of participating in the annual treat organised for their benefit by the kindly newsagents of Ryde,

Most people are endowed with a feeling of sympathy for the little newspaper lads, and naturally no effort was spared by the large number of contributions to give them a treat which should be in every way worthy of the occasion.  The presence of the Mayor and Mayoress (Alderman and Mrs G. E. Mears) was an added honour fully appreciated by the boys.

The evening was commenced with a substantial tea, to which about 40 sat down, and an entertainment, at which the Mayor presided, followed.

Songs were given by Misses Nina Peach and N. Carley, Messrs. F. Collier and R. Fry.  Miss Kathleen Andrews contributed a pianoforte solo and also accompanied, and Miss Victoria Moore, a recitation. Mr. D. Eames was seen to advantage in his Dickensian Impersonations, a humorous monologue.  A sketch entitled “Snip Snap” was sustained by Messrs. D. Eames, F. Grinham, F. Ibbetson and W. and T. Corbett.

Cheers were expressed for the Mayor and Mayoress, and the proceedings terminated.  The following has been adopted as the war march of the Newsboys’ Brigade:

We’re marching with the “Times,”
“Standard” and “Morning Post,”
We are the Ryde Newsboys’ Brigade,
Of dailies we’ve a host.

We’re marching with the “Times,”
“Telegraph” and “County Press,”
The old “Observer,” and “Evening News,”
“Advertiser” and “Daily Express.”

We’re marching with the “Times,”
The “Graphic” and the “Sphere,”
The “Globe” and “Westminster Gazette,”
And “Chronicle” are here.

We’re marching with the “Times,”
The “Daily News,” “Pall Mall,”
The “Morning Leader,” “People,” “Lloyds,”
Are papers known quite well.

We’re marching with the “Times,”
Our tribute we have paid,
So give three cheers, and one cheer more
For the Ryde Newsboys’ Brigade.
(by M. A. Spencer)

 Sources: IW Observer 15 February 1908 & RSHG Archive
Image: Postcard Roy Brinton Collection
Article: Ann Barrett