Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Biographical detail added February 2023

Brigstocke Terrace

In February, our busy research team added 42 biographical records to names on the website, including that of William Edward Ratcliffe, of Copsefield, one of the oldest practicing solicitors in the country. he was assaulted by a mob of roughs in Brigstocke Terrace during the political riots of 1851.

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ANDERSON Alexander John. 20/12/1972.

BARTLEY Jane. Bur: 05/08/1965.

BARTLEY Thomas James. 07/06/1945.

BASKETTER Arthur Eagle. 30/10/1922.

BEAZLEY William. 08.05.1872.

BLISSETT Reginald. 17/11/1960.

CASS Minnie. 05/07/1972.

CLEAVER Martha Ann. 12/10/1922.

COOMBES Albert Edward. 07/08/1922.

COOPER William Frederick Alexander. 05/02/1949.

DALLIMORE Ada. 18/01/1899.

DENNIS Alfred (Major). 23/02/1952.

DYER William (Capt.). 28.03.1922.

GOODMAN Matthias. 11/06/1872.

GREEN Frances Ethel Isabella. 21/07/1972.

HARVEY Robert. 12/03/1895.

HATFIELD George (Sgnt.). 08/11/1898.

HEALEY Lily Gertrude Annie. 16/06/1972.

HORNBY Windham Sir (Admiral). 28/06/1899.

HOWARD Jean. 11/06/1922.

JACKSON Frederic Eathorne Slanning. 19/03/1946.

KEAMISH Gladys Grace. 23/12/1972.

LINDSAY Mary. 31/08/1922.

LOCKIE Mary Terry. 22/05/1922.

MORRIS Richard. 14/05/1900.

PAINTER Richard. 08/12/1900.

PARSONS Georgeanna. 16/07/1899.

PINDER Thomas. 21/10/1957.

RATCLIFFE William Edward. 23/06/1908featured name

SALTER Caroline Amelia. 23/08/1922.

SHEPPARD Eli. 15/07/1899.

SIVELL Samuel. 09/05/1898.

SPEARING George Thomas. 21/09/1880.

STALLARD James (Capt.) 01/06/1872.

TRUCKEL George & Eleanor. Wedding 1901.

WADE Lily Mary May. 29/12/1972.

WALLIS Alice Sarah Elizabeth. 24/04/1899.

WARDER Henry. 01/10/1902.

WARREN Mildred Lilian. 20/05/1973.

WINDOVER William. 02/10/1922.

WOODROW Jeremiah. 01/04/1856.

YOUNG Anna Maria. 23/02/1922.

Image: Roy Brinton Collection