Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Ryde Architecture

Roseville, West Street, Ryde

ROSEVILLE, West Street, Ryde

 In March 1866 the local press remarked, that the town of Ryde was increasing, both in extent and the character of its buildings.  Special reference was made to the new house called Roseville, in West-street, which had been erected by Mr. Thomas Dashwood, the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners, whereon for many years had stood a very unpretending cottage.  The new building was considered an ornament to the locality.

August was obviously the month they took their holiday, as In August 1874 in the fashionable list it announced that Mr. T. Dashwood and Mrs. Dashwood had left Roseville for a few weeks at Freshwater, and, in August 1875 they left Roseville for a continental tour.  Thomas and Helen Dashwood and family continued to live at Roseville until 11 December 1886.  Mr Thomas Dashwood, JP. then lived at Albury Villa, West Street until his death.

By 18th December 1886, Thomas’s eldest son, Alfred Dashwood, solicitor, his wife Jessie and their children, had moved into the property, they were still listed as residing there on the 1911 census. By 1921 Mr. Alfred Dashwood and family had left Roseville and moved to Southampton, where he had taken the position of Solicitor Registrar of the County Court department of H.M. Treasury.

Alfred’s widowed mother had also moved to Southampton with them, her husband Thomas Dashwood having died in Ryde in 1907.

At the time of the 1921 census, Mrs. Ella Holmes-Davis from Belgravia, London was in residence with her granddaughter, however they do not appear to have remained very long as by the following year, in September 1922, the local press announced that the property called Roseville, West-street had been let to a Mrs. Blunt.

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