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Mr Alfred Capper (thought reader)

The Pier Pavilion
As advertised 14 Sept 1895, on Friday and Saturday next we are to have a visit from Mr. Alfred Capper, the celebrated thought reader, whose amusing experiences with the Prince of Wales, the late Duke of Clarence, and other members of the Royal Family were the subject of an interesting interview in Answers some time since   Mr. Bannister Howard has arranged that an influential committee of local gentlemen shall be present to watch Mr. Capper, and secure fair play.

Successive Visits to Ryde:
IW Observer July 3rd 1909: Pier Pavilion – On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday there will be nightly entertainments by the Non Parteils, the “Costume Concert Party.” On Thursday, Friday and Saturday Mr Alfred Capper, the famous thought-reader, will give entertainment which Mr. Punch himself described as “Cappertal.”

IW Observer July 10th 1920:  Thought Reader – Mr. Alfred Capper, the well-known thought reader, will give his unique entertainment at the town Hall, Ryde, on the afternoon and evening of Friday July 23rd.  The performances will be anti-spiritualistic, and will comprise experiments in Thought Transmission and other mysterious phenomena as given by him at Windsor Castle and throughout the world.

Source: IW Observer & RSHG Archive
Image: Wikimedia Commons
Article: Ann Barrett