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Donated to the Hospital 1905

Royal IW County Hospital & Infirmary, visit of HM Queen Victoria


Mr W. Wilson of the Star Hotel, Ryde, has shown great interest in the Hospital during his short residence in the town.  He provides amusement for his customers in the following manner.

A coin is wrapped in paper and attached to a piece of cork by a nail, which passes through the paper and the cork, leaving the business end of the nail unprotected, this is then aimed at the paper target which is attached to the ceiling, and a prize is given to the most skilful shot.  No less than 784 of these darts were removed last week from the ceiling, and £3.11s.6½d. was realised and handed to the Hospital.

Mr. Wilson keeps a box on his counter, and every week he invites contributions for it from his customers.  The total sum handed by Mr. Wilson to the Hospital during the past year was £10.15s.4d.

The “Star” was built as a private house in 1613 and became an Inn in 1683. In 1873 the Star was demolished and when reconstructed, it was completed in April 1873, it was on the corner of Star Street and High Street and adjoining a row of shops. The only feature to survive was the ornate star.

The 150th anniversary of the building was celebrated on 7th December 2023, by the present landlord, Rob and his partner Lesley. There was musical entertainment, genial company, and a pleasant evening was had by all.

Sources: IW Observer 7 Jan 1905 & Kevin Michell
Image: Roy Brinton Collection
Article: Ann Barrett