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Mr Richard James

18 Union Street, Ryde, 1906


We regret to record the death of Mr Richard James, jun., who passed away on the 27th February 1899, after a lingering illness of three years.

Mr James was publisher of the “Ryde Fashionable Arrival List, Intelligencer and General Advertiser” about the year 1855, and was for many years with Messrs. E. and J. Wallis of 22 Union Street.  For about 20 years he was in business at 18 Union Street, as a photographer.  He sold his business, we believe, to Mr Debenham, who still carries it on.
(it is not yet known whether Mr Debenham actually purchased the premises, as his business was advertised at number 28)

Mr James was the means of getting a subscription from the Empress of the French and the Queen for a poor man who had his arm blown off while saluting the Emperor at the Club House and, with the help of others, built two cottages for him at Ryde.

From an advert in the IW Times 31 July 1862
Mr. R. James, First-Class Photographic Rooms 18 Union Street, Ryde, (Nearly opposite the Arcade)

The Artist guarantees perfect Carte de Visites of children of any age, by his own method of “Instantaniety,” which has gained for him so much repute.

The two Saloons of this establishment are on the ground floor, and are unsurpassed in London or Paris.  They contain nearly 600 square feet of space, and a numerous choice of accessories; equal lighting and good ventilation is thus afforded.

Appointments strictly kept.  Proof prints submitted the first day of sitting, and from 1 to 24 copies completed on the subsequent day.


The 1906 image shows number 18 Union Street (left of the photo), at that date the proprietor was Mrs Harris, art needlework depot.  The smaller green image shows the logo on the back of Mr James’s photographs.

Sources: IW Observer March 1899 & IW Times July 1862
Images: Roy Brinton Collection & RSHG
Article: Ann Barrett