Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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Spring is in the Air

Crocus in Ryde Cemetery 2024

The signs of Spring are upon us, so why not take this opportunity to tell of Spring in times past.

Robin in Ryde Cemetery 2024

April 1894
Spring, dispelling the gloom of winter, is with us again, its touch awakening everything to new life. Buds are bursting into leaf, and clothing trees and shrubs with varying tints of living green.  So does it behove all good housewives to place their homes in harmony with this grand example of nature, and verily, in domestic circles, spring cleaning is the order of the day.

But spring cleaning cannot be satisfactorily accomplished without new Curtains, Toilet Covers, Toilet Muslins, Antimaccassars, &c., and to obtain these, one better than go to Denny and Co., of the High Street, Ryde.  They have an exceedingly nice and varied assortment of these goods.

Curtains suitable for bed rooms and back windows at 1s.11½d, 2s.6½d, 2s.11½d, and 3s.11½d, the pair, are really marvellous value, and curtains suitable for dining rooms and sitting rooms at 4s.11d, 5s.11d, 6s.11d, 7s.11d, 8s.11d, 9s.11d, and 10s.11d per pair, are of exquisite designs, being quite worth 2s per pair more than they are marked.

In December 1894 Denny and Co., moved to the premises on the corner of John Street and High Street, 166 & 167.

Source: IW Observer & RSHG
Images: RSHG Volunteer Photographers
Article: Ann Barrett