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Bowling Club for Ryde 1906

Bowling on the Esplanade, Ryde

May 24th 1906
A meeting convened by the Mayor (Councillor F. W. Randall), was held at the York Hotel, for the purpose of considering the advisability of forming a Ryde Bowling Club.  There was a large attendance of keen bowlers.

The meeting had been called in deference to the wishes expressed by a number of gentlemen interested in the game, who thought there should be a club in the town to arrange matches with other towns, tournaments, etc. Though the greens were open to anyone, and though they might be used by numbers of excellent players, matches with other clubs could not be arranged because there was no body to select teams or make arrangements.

Mr. Ratcliffe asked if they had power under the byelaws to annex part of the public gardens for this matter, it was thought that if part of the grounds was closed to the public and belong only to the club, that it might cause friction.  But it was quite clear that the Corporation had a right to administer the ground in any way they thought would conduce most to the benefit of the people of the town.

The motion was carried and it was decided that a general meeting in respect of this matter be called at the Town Hall, on Thursday evening next at 8.30.  A few meetings later the club was put on a sound footing and it proved extremely successful.  The matches arranged with other clubs were a great attraction both to players and spectators.

Source: IW Observer 1906
Image: RSHG
Article: Ann Barrett