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Willow Pattern Serenaders

Willow Pattern Serenaders


5 June 1909
During the week the Pier Pavilion has been occupied by the Willow Pattern Serenaders, one of the cleverest and most entertaining little companies ever seen in Ryde.  The three ladies and two gentlemen who form the party are good singers, good dancers, and good actors, and what is more they have the rare knack of making the entertainment go with a swing and vigor from start to finish.

There is no doubt that the Willow Pattern Serenaders give one of the pleasantest of entertainments. Miss Mildred Parr has a series of monologues which have a welcome freshness and originality.  She also sings and dances well.  Miss Violet Orme, and Miss Marjorie Craig, also lend all the aid to the programme that superior singing and dancing can give.

Mr. Evelyn Wood is the possessor of one of the finest bass voices ever heard in the Pier Pavilion and Mr. Arthur Chinery’s songs supply that very necessary element, humour.  Tonight (Friday) and tomorrow afternoon and evening are the company’s last performance in Ryde.

Source: IW Observer
Image: From a postcard 1906, Worthopedia
Article: Ann Barrett