Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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On Wednesday, 23 August, Sally-Ann Garrett made a presentation about the Ryde Social Heritage Group to the Isle of Wight Society, at the Ryde Parish Church Hall.

A small exhibition was held in Ryde Library from 18 to 29 August. The display was a double sided set of three boards, showing some of the research carried out so far, particularly some of the stories of the people buried in the cemetery.

RSHG held two more walks in the Cemetery during Ryde Arts Festival week, one on 9th July at 2:30 and one on 14th July at 7:00. If there is sufficient interest (10-12 people) we will plan a new route for August, with different graves and stories.

We hosted a week long exhibition at the Ryde Development Trust “shop” in Union Street – the old Post Office from 23 to 27 May. Attendance was fantastic, with more than 400 people coming in to look at the maps and photographs, and to read the stories and research carried out so far. Many of

A surprising 48 people arrived at the Cemetery gates on Friday 26 May, to be shown around by Janette and Sally-Ann. We split the group in two, and made the tour in opposite directions, meeting about halfway at the grave of Michael Maybrick, and ending where we started at the Cemetery gates an hour and

Ann and Les Barrett continue to research the lives and funeral reports of the citizens of Ryde. Each month, new stories are being added to the site from the research carried out by Ann and Les Barrett, members of RSHG. The list of names will be added to during the month as research is carried

As part of Adult Learners Week, the Ryde Social Heritage Group held a beginners workshop on getting started with family history. The two hour workshop took place on Saturday 20 May at the Ryde Development Trust Offices in Union Road, Ryde. 12 people signed up for this event, lead by Sally-Ann and Carol.

During April 2006, new information about a selection of people buried in Ryde Cemetery (gathered from filmed copies of the IW County Press, IW Observer, from Directories and from the Census) has been added to their records on the website. Two of our members, Ann and Les Barrett, have been busy in the County Records