Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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April 1858

Isle of Wight Observer

Apr 3rd 1858: DISCOVERY OF HUMAN REMAINS – It is well-known to all old inhabitants of Ryde that the “Dover”, now called the Strand, was the burial place of hundreds of the men who perished by the capsizing of the “Royal George” at Spithead in 1782, and also of an immense number of Lascars who perished by disease on board an East Indianman at Spithead near the same period. In putting in the new sewer in that locality during the past week it is not at all surprising, therefore, to find that numerous human remains were discovered, but we should not at all have expected to find them in such a state of excellent preservation. They were re-buried with proper decorum by the contractor.

Apr 3rd 1858: SANITARY STATE OF RYDE – Mr. Benjamin BARROW, chairman of the Ryde Commissoners, has issued a pamphlet relative to the works done by that body with a view to improve the sanitary condition of Ryde.

Apr 10th 1858: ARRIVALS – Sir Augustus Clifford, Bart., arrived at Westfield on Monday for the Easter holidays.

Apr 10th 1858: MESMERISM – A person named Mons. ZAMOISKI, has given three entertainments at the Victoria-rooms during the week, upon what is called mesmerism. We have yet to learn of what, besides humbug, this “science” consists; and the absurd puffing used on the occasion has certainly not raised it in our estimation.

Apr 10th 1858: ESTABLISHMENT OF A BAND – If the town will place a band one or two nights a week, when the tide is up, on the Esplanade, to play for a couple of hours, it must be attractive, and we feel the Pier Company should follow the example.

Apr 24th 1858: LOCAL TALENT – We notice a fresh instance of local talent just introduced to the scientific world by G. F. HARRINGTON, esq., M.C.D.E., surgeon dentist of this town. It consists of a successful mode of working the new material aluminium instead of gold and other materials, as the basis of artificial teeth.