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April 1915

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Apr 3rd 1915: CALL FOR CITIZEN SOLDIERS – Now that the King has bestowed his approval on the Volunteer Training Corps movement, and the War Office is inviting members to accept home service, it may be expected that the critics of Kitchener’s “last hope” will be silenced. Surely if a man over military age should at least have his out-of-pocket expenses defrayed when he is on national business.

Apr 3rd 1915: GIFT – Mr. H. Terry WOOD, of the Theatre Royal, has presented a rifle to the Volunteer Training Corps, We are asked to state that other gifts of a like nature will be much appreciated.

Apr 3rd 1915: SPRING CLEANING – During the busy time of spring cleaning we frequently come across articles for which we have no further use. Miss BROOKE would be grateful for pictures, large or small, which might be of use in the Sunday School. Besides religious subjects, landscapes, nature, hospital life, coloured prints and others will be of value in various ways.

Apr 3rd 1915: CONSTABLE – At the I.W. County Bench, sitting at Ryde on Tuesday, Mr. Wallace WHEELER was sworn in as a special constable for the County.

Apr 3rd 1915: WEDDING – Quietly a marriage service was duly solemnised at George-street Baptist Church under novel circumstances. The contracting parties were a German subject named Henri BODE and Miss Amy Ada SIBLEY. In normal times the bridegroom follows the calling of a waiter, but for the present he is an interned prisoner of war on H.M.T. Ascania.

Apr 10th 1915: SOLDIERS GAMES – The soldiers at the Front not only indulge in and thoroughly enjoy, a game of football, within the sound of guns, but they love all kinds of games, and although the War Office has despatched large quantities, the cry is for more. Dominoes, cards, draughts, halma, ludo and all kind of race games.

Apr 17th 1915: DRESSMAKING – Ladies own materials made up to the vogue of the moment, at most moderate prices. Full wide skirts, collar high, or a la militaire. Perfect fitting and best work put into every garment. Mourning or urgent orders speeded up. Mrs. JONES, costumier, 33 Monkton-street, Ryde (corner of Park-road)

Apr 17th 1915: ALIEN VISITORS – Councillor TAYLOR said it was a very serious matter in connection with visitors to the Island, as owing to the War Office restrictions, aliens, friendly or neutral, including Americans, could not come into the Island.

Apr 17th 1915: BATHING PIER – Councillor De LAUNAY asked if the negations could be disclosed which had taken place between the Council and the Pier Company in connection with the suggested purchase of the Victoria Bathing Pier. There was nothing to declare at the moment.

April 17th 1915: TENDER – The Watch Committee reported that they had accepted Mr. G. TURNER’s tender for painting the doors at the Fire Station for £3.5s.6d.

Apr 24th 1915: FROSTY HEADS – This seems to be the latest name popularly bestowed upon the corps of elderly men who are training for the defence of their country as civilian soldiers. It is not meant disrespectfully. When they are ready they will be guarding important points near the coast.

Apr 24th 1915: DANCE – An enjoyable dance took place at the Forester’s Hall, on Tuesday evening, when close on 100 attended. A pleasing programme was carried out under the direction of Mr. A. LINNINGTON and Mr. J. W. TAYLOR as MC’s. The dance being in aid of the Ryde District Nursing Association.