Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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April 1920

Isle of Wight Observer:

Apr 3rd 1920:  TEA ROOMS – Nicely painted and renovated the Western Gardens Tea Rooms immediately facing the Pavilion will be re-opened by Mr. G. BARTLEY at Easter for the season and will doubtless be much appreciated by the visitors for light refreshments.  The rooms are well furnished and everything up-to-date, with a pleasant marine outlook, and Mr. BARTLEY’s qualifications as a caterer are well-known.  A good pot of tea can be had at a reasonable price, civility and prompt service being made a special study.

Apr 3rd 1920:  SKATING – Another successful Skating Carnival took place at the Pier Pavilion, on Tuesday evening, when the S.B. Jazz Band, provided excellent music and Mr. G. H. SAVILLE ably fulfilled the duties of Rinkmaster and M.C.  There were some pretty costumes worn.  A confetti battle wound up a successful evening.

Apr 3rd 1920:  ACCOMMODATION – A reasonably priced Hotel such as was referred to by Alderman BARTON at last year’s Volunteer dinner, would be much appreciated in Ryde especially by the bachelors and widowers who are becoming an increasing number.

Apr 3rd 1920:  CHARABANCS – There is a good deal of conjecture going on at the front just now as to whether the various charabancs will reap the rich harvest they are anticipating.  These cars have cost a lot of money and naturally the owners are a bit anxious as to the prospects.

Apr 3rd 1920:  BEQUESTS – The handsome bequests of the late Dr. Wyndham COTTLE, of Ningwood, to the County Hospital at Ryde, comes at a most opportune time when their committee have been seriously considering how to make both ends meet.  The worthy doctor also left a little fortune for animals, but to his own wife he only bequested a parrot, and 20 Bradburys!

Apr 10th 1920:  WARWICK STREET – A good deal of alarm was occasioned in Warwick Street shortly after eight oclock on Monday evening by a chimney fire at the rear of a house occupied by Mr. Joseph DORE and his sisters.  There are oil stores and stables in the vicinity and the Fire Brigade were summoned.  They arrived within three minutes and succeeded in extinguishing the flames by pouring buckets of water down the chimney.

Apr 10th 1920:  BREAKDOWN – As a motor truck laden with calves from Newport Market was proceeding through Cross Street, for the tow boat on Tuesday mid-day, the pin of a wheel snapped and the vehicle fell on its side, necessitating great delay.  The calves were taken out and placed in Mr. MINTER’s yard for the time being and matters were subsequently put right.

Apr 10th 1920:  EVENT – On Wednesday May 5th the whole of the Town Hall will be set apart for the Ashey Race Ball which is expected to be quite a big function and which is being supported by the Royal Victoria Yacht Club.  Ashey Spring Races will be one of the events of the season and be a good reminder that the war is over.

Apr 17th 1920:  PROPOSE – Dr. A. SCHOFIELD, the nerve specialist of Harley Street London, who is well known in Ryde, where he has lectured on several occasions, has stated in an interview, that he is in favour of ladies “proposing” to gentlemen considering the state of the market.  Perhaps the ladies will hurry up after this as there are a good many on the shelf even in Ryde, where there is so much female loveliness.

Apr 17th 1920:  STREET – A resident inquires whether they intend to turn St. James’s street into pasture land on account of the quantity of grass growing on the pavements.

Apr 24th 1920:  ROYALTY AT CANOE LAKE – A visit was paid to the Canoe Lake, on Wednesday, by the Duke of Athlone and Princess Alice with their two children, who motored from Barton Manor, Osborne.  On hearing of the distinguished visitors, Mr. Albert REEVES arranged for the youngsters to have the paddle-boats King George and Queen Mary, and they spent a pleasant hour on the lake.