Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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April 1964 –

Isle of Wight Times:-

Apr 2nd 1964: VACANCIES – During the five weeks ending March 11, continued economic expansion and increasing seasonal employment lifted the number of unfilled vacancies by nearly 6,900 to 43,378. This was the highest March total for many years.

Apr 2nd 1964: HAVE MORE PRIDE – Businessmen bewail hard times, exhort the council to adopt grandiose and expensive schemes to better Ryde’s position as a holiday resort, Sandown is doing this… Shanklin is doing that… This year Ryde is due much more credit than it has had in the past.

Apr 2nd 1964: HOUSING – Sufficient space for houses is available for Ryde to secure its fair share of development —building land is just not being used. Only 60 houses were being built at Ryde annually, compared with 100 at Sandown, although the latter has a smaller population.

Apr 2nd 1964: SCRIBBLERS – Dear Sir. —Defacers of library books must be the hardest criminals to catch because the overworked librarians cannot look at every page of every book that is handed in. I appeal to the scribblers to stop their stupid habits.

Apr 2nd 1964: SMASHING EASTER – Clacton and Ostend were not the only places affected by Easter hooligans. During the holiday, windows were smashed at The Dell Café, Puckpool, a nearby beach hut and the shed on Appley Golf Course.

Apr 2nd 1964: GOLD MEDAL – Already the holder of the highest award in scouting, 19 years old Queen’s Scout Michael EXCELL, of Ashey-road, Ryde, has followed this up by gaining the premier award under the Duke of Edinburgh’s Scheme—the gold medal. He chose horsemanship as one of the test subjects.

Apr 23rd 1964: LINERS IN THE SOLENT – Departures: Apr 23–Queen Mary (Cunard Line) to New York, Windsor Castle (Union-Castle Lines) to Cape Town. Apr 24–Northern Star (Shaw Savill Line) to Wellington. Apr 29–United States (United States Lines) to New York.

Apr 30th 1964: COMMODORE – Largest cinema in the Isle of Wight, the Commodore at Ryde closed since the end of last season, will never show another film. When the 30 year-old building re-opens on May 12, it will be as a “bingo palace” and casino.

Apr 30th 1964: PAVILION – The Clarion Players presented their second production at the Esplanade Pavilion, Ryde, on Friday and Saturday, “Double Door.” Although set in New York, none of the players attempted an American accent—a wise decision. Occasionally the timing was off, but otherwise the players gave a creditable performance.

Apr 30th 1964: SAMARITANS – The Island branch held their annual meeting at Holy Trinity Parish Room. Mr. ADAMS presented the financial report and it was agreed that part of the balance be used to make the work of the Samaritans and their availability more widely known.

Apr 30th 1964: JUMBLE SALE – A jumble sale organised at the Ryde St. John Ambulance Hall by the Ryde St. John Ambulance Cadets’ Parents’ Association on Saturday in aid of funds realised £17.

Apr 30th 1964 ARMY RELIEF FUND – In the two world wars every family in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight had relations in the armed forces. If the present scale of relief is to be maintained, more money must be found. The target for Hampshire and the Island is £20,000.