Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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April 1965

Isle of Wight Times:-

Apr 1st 1965: MIXED DECISIONS – Although the Island Magistrates earlier refused Sunday licensing extensions at Easter and Whitsun, Ryde Borough Magistrates approved them. We have to find a happy balance between strict sabbatical observance and what is loosely described as a “continental Sunday.”

Apr 1st 1965: QUICKLY IN COURT – Ryde Borough Magistrates on Thursday imposed fines of between £3 and £10 on six defendants for speeding.

Apr 8th 1965: LOVE IN A MIST – Among many Jersey-bound honeymooners stranded by fog on Saturday night was a Ryde bride married at Ryde Baptist Church a few hours earlier. She is Miss P. BULSTRODE, her bridegroom Mr. W. LOCKETT. They had to spend their wedding night in a Bournemouth hotel.

Apr 8th 1965: GIFT – A 16 m.m. cine projector was presented to the Island Deaf on Tuesday by Ryde and District Round Table. The presentation was made at the fortnightly meeting at Dean House Hotel, Dover-street, to the Welfare Officer for the Island Deaf and Superintendent of the Easthill Home for the Deaf, Ashey-road, Ryde, Mr. W. H. STYAN.

Apr 8th 1965: LOST HAIR – A youth of 17 who for a year lead a “beatnik” existence, growing his hair to shoulder length, changed his view on life after spending three weeks on remand in Winchester Prison. He told Ryde Borough Magistrates it had given him a great shock and put him on the right track.

Apr 8th 1965: BUSY WEEKEND – At their Marlborough Road headquarters (the former R.A.O.C. site), Ryde Platoon of the A.C.F. practised outdoor cooking on Friday, splitting into sections and finishing on equal terms. On Sunday the platoon set out on a map reading march to Newport in dismal conditions.

Apr 22nd 1965: AVERAGE – No records were broken on the ferries to and from the Island over the Easter holiday. British Rail reported passenger figures as “average” compared to the cold Easter last year, with a slight increase on the Fishbourne-Portsmouth car ferry.

Apr 22nd 1965: ESCAPE – Twice in one evening visitors to the London Hotel, Ryde, were surprised to see a young man strapped up in a strait-jacket. The occasion was a meeting of the I.W. Magicians, who gather there for a demonstration every Good Friday.

Apr 22nd 1965: PLAYERS – The Bellevue Players’ 61st production at the Esplanade Pavilion, Ryde, “Goodnight Mrs. Puffin”, by Arthur LOVEGROVE. This new comedy, released for amateurs as recently as January, was usually predictable but always funny.

Apr 22nd 1965: WHEN IS A CAR NOT A CAR – When does a car cease to be regarded as a “mechanically propelled vehicle” in the eyes of the law? When is has much of the engine removed, flat tyres and is left on concrete blocks by the roadside, the County Magistrates decided at Ryde on Tuesday, when they dismissed the case against its owner who denied keeping a “mechanically propelled vehicle.”

Apr 29th 1965: GROWERS – A reminder that application forms for entry in the 1965 schemes for black currant bushes, raspberry canes, strawberry plants, loganberries, hop gardens, and hop nurseries must reach the Ministry by May 1, for potatoes by May 15 and for fruit trees by June 1.

Apr 29th 1965: MEETING – At the April meeting held on Thursday, Haylands Women’s Institute celebrated their 34th birthday with a party, held at St. Michael’s Hall, which was decorated with yellow and gold spring flowers. Over 70 sat down to tea and all enjoyed a piece of birthday cake made and iced by Mrs. ATTRILL. Entertainments were given by the choir, dancing groups and the percussion band.