Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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April 1967

Isle of Wight Times:-

Apr 13th 1967:  WALK-OUT – Work at a Ryde firm which makes engine parts for Rolls Royce halted on Monday afternoon when 150 men and women staged an unofficial walk-out after three fettlers were given notice to quit at the end of the week.  Representing 80 per cent of the labour force at Trucast Ltd., a metal castings firm at Marlborough Road, the men feared this was the start of redundancy dismissals.

Apr 13th 1967:  OIL THREAT NOW OVER – The Navy’s success in clearing from the Channel the large patches of oil from the “Torrey Canyon” has now changed the whole character of the threat to the Island’s beaches and harbours.  It is still possible that small slicks of oil will approach the south coast, including the Island, and the tarry clumps will from time to time be deposited on our shores.

Apr 13th 1967:  BOOK REVIEW – It was inevitable—and desirable—that when 104 years of steam traction on the Island’s railways came to an end, a book should be written on the subject.  One which will certainly delight the railway enthusiast is G. M. KITCHENSIDE’s Isle of Wight Album, latest in the railways “Album” series. It is profusely illustrated, there are literally dozens of pictures including a number of whole-page shots. It costs 30s.

Apr 13th 1967:  SECRETARY – The annual social of the Ryde and District Snooker and Cribbage League at the London Hotel, Ryde, on Friday proved a great success.  Mr. F. WINKLES, president, presented various trophies and in welcoming Mr. Alf BUSHELL, the league secretary for 21 years, presented him with a slide projector in appreciation of his faithful work for the league.  Mrs. BUSHELL was presented with a bouquet.

Apr 13th 1967: SWIMMING POOL – On the strength of its delightful environment, its proximity to the mainland, and the fact that it is the more populous side of the Island, the I.W. Indoor Swimming Pool Association had decided to choose a site at Appley for their proposed project.  Estimated cost is between £80,000-£90,000.

Apr 13th 1967:  COUNCIL BRIEFS – Arrangements are under way for an addition extension at Binstead Cemetery; The Cemeteries Superintendent has been commended for his prompt action in rendering first aid to a man who was taken ill in Ryde Cemetery.  He took the man home and fetched a doctor.

Apr 13th 1967:  ROAD WIDENING – The 12 householders of Butts Road, a private street, who have enquired the cost of having the present 10ft. 3ins. wide road widened to 16ft., with lighting, surface water drains, gullies and other facilities provided, are being told that the corporation’s estimate is £3,500—and will be asked if they wish the project to proceed.

Apr 13th 1967:  PAVILION – An inspection by the Borough Surveyor had shown that there was five to 10 years’ life left in the Pavilion.  He agreed that it was difficult to show a profit on it, but referred to the similar plight of places such as the Ventnor Winter Gardens.

Apr 13th 1967:  RYDE LAND – Planning authorities were considering the proposed residential development of land between East Hill Road and West Hill Road, Ryde.

Apr 20th 1967:  BLOCKADE – Ryde’s regular taxi-drivers are saying that if they do not get “a better deal” from the Borough Council, they will protest in a manner that will bring much of Ryde’s growing influx of traffic to a standstill.  They intend to park in Lind Street, outside the Town Hall, and so cause a jam in Ryde’s busiest thoroughfare.