Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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August 1862

Isle of Wight Observer

Aug 2nd 1862: SPIRITED GIFT – Mr. G. HODSON, the manager of the Theatre has given a handsome silver watch to be rowed for by men of Ryde in four-oared boats in the forthcoming town regatta.

Aug 2nd 1862: ST. CLARE – We have been given to understand that Col. Vernon and Lady Catherine HARCOURT do not intend paying a visit to their country seat, St. Clare, this season owing to her Ladyship’s continued indisposition.

Aug 2nd 1862: MINSTRELSY – The female Christy Minstrels are about to pay a visit to Ryde. From the engaging character of the pieces named on their programme, no doubt a good audience will be attracted.

Aug 9th 1862: CIRCUS – An advertisement announces that Ginnett’s circus is about to pay a visit here, and will doubtless attract large audiences. There is an immense range in the choice of amusements at present, and all seem to find ample patronage.

Aug 16th 1862: HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY – The summer exhibition took place by the kind permission of Mr. George YOUNG, in the grounds of Appley Towers on Wednesday last. Mr. WILLIAMS (gardener to Mr. DAUBUZ) gained first prize in the premier collection. Mr. DIMMICK, the eminent nurseryman and florist of Ryde, exhibited (not for competition) a stand for 48 verbenas of great excellence, and which attracted more than ordinary attention.

Aug 16th 1862: TREAT – The Trinity Sunday School children had their annual treat in a field near the Infirmary, kindly lent by Mr. ISAACS, on Thursday.

Aug 16th 1862: COMMISSIONERS – A letter signed by several residents of St. Thomas’s-street, complaining that the portion near the terrace was but badly lit, was read. The Clerk said the lamp at the end of the terrace was not kept lighted, it was a private affair, each resident in the terrace was to pay a share, but one and another did not pay for it, and it was not lighted at all now.

Aug 23rd 1862: THEATRE – Miss Amy SEDGWICK, a star of the first magnitude, has been shining on the classic boards of our little theatre during the week. The peerless Amy appeared on Monday night as Constance in Sheridan KNOWLES chaste comedy of the “Love Chase.”

Aug 23rd 1862: SALE – We are requested to state that the residue of the articles unsold at the Binstead fancy sale on Tuesday and Wednesday last, will be submitted for sale in further aid of the funds for building Swanmore Church and parsonage, on Monday next, in the grounds of the Castle, Esplanade.

Aug 30th 1862: ACCIDENT – One of the workmen named RASHLEY, engaged on the pier tramway, had his left leg jammed on Monday, but fortunately the hurt was not of a very severe character.

Aug 30th 1862: ADRIFT – On Monday last, a Portsmouth Ketch named “James and Sarah,” coal laden, in consequence of the back-water pitching her about, broke her chain, and drifted across the piles of the tramway of the pier, when she broke her bowsprit and stove-in a part of her top-sides. An anchor was carried out and warped her off.

Aug 30th 1862: OBSTRUCTION – Mr. John COOPER, formerly a miller in Ryde, in good circumstances, but is now not only reduced but totally blind. Through a box being placed on the pavement in front of Mr. NEWMAN’s shop in Anglesea-street, ostensibly to prevent fresh paint from being injured, Mr. COOPER fell and broke his arm in two places.