Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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August 1866

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Aug 4th 1866:  ROYAL VISIT – On Thursday evening Her Majesty’s equipage drove through several streets of the town, with her usual attendants.  Her Majesty looked remarkably well.

Aug 4th 1866:  ARCHERY – A meeting of the Ryde Archery Society took place on Monday last, when two prizes were shot for by the ladies.  The high wind that prevailed throughout the day, was very prejudicial to accurate shooting, in consequence the scores made by fair archers were much below their usual average.

Aug 4th 1866:  ROYAL INFIRMARY BALL – This annual event is, we understand, fixed to take place on Friday, the 24th inst., and will no doubt be as usual attended by a large number of the nobility and gentry. A list of the lady patronesses and stewards will appear in our next impression.

Aug 4th 1866:  SISTERS SOPHIA AND ANNIE – We again remind our readers that these talented ladies will appear at the Town-hall for one night only viz., Monday evening next, in Ryde; their engagements being announced for other parts of the Island during the subsequent evenings of the week.

Aug 4th 1866:  RYDE CRICKET CLUB – A tide of success seems to have set in upon the above club.  The recent matches with Ventnor and Haylands resulted in victory, and this week has added another laurel to their fair fame, a match having been played with the officers of Parkhurst garrison.

Aug 11th 1866:  LOYALTY – A new Royal standard floated from the roof of the York hotel on Monday last in honor of the birthday of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, and in the evening a number of gentlemen met at the hotel to celebrate his Royal Highness’s natal day by drinking health and long life to the Sailor Prince.

Aug 11th 1866:  DRINKING FOUNTAINS – It will be in the recollection of our readers that, at the instance of Mr. BARKHAM, the Commissioners recently sanctioned the erection of two drinking fountains.  One has just been placed at the western pillar of George-street slipway, and the other to be placed at the top of Church-lane in the course of a few days.

Aug 11th 1866:  ACCIDENTS –A man named James DENHAM, in the employ of Mr. TAYLOR, of Newnham farm, fell from a rick and dislocated his shoulder, receiving bruises as well.—An accident occurred to our townsman, Mr. G. AUSTIN, pilot, who, while on board the Bremen, off the coast of Holland, from a sudden lurch of the ship, sustained a fracture of one of his arms.

Aug 18th 1866:  SEVEN AGES OF WOMAN – On reference to our advertising columns, our readers will see that Miss Emma STANLEY will give some of her extraordinary personations at the Town-hall during the ensuing week.

Aug 18th 1866:  MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANCE – Considerable sensation was created throughout the town by the report that Sir Gilbert EAST, Bart., had, at an early hour on Sunday, been drowned off the pier, and reports in connection therewith of an exaggerated character have been extensively circulated. Up to the moment at which we write the excitement has not decreased.

Aug 18th 1866:  CAB ROBBERY – On Sunday last I engaged a cab No. 84 at the bottom of George-street, passing the York hotel, to take up two ladies, and drove to the station, the distance I believe, somewhat under a mile, for which I was charged 2s.6d.  On enquiring at the Town-hall on Monday morning, the official admitted that I had been overcharged….  Your obedient servant, Clarence TRELAWNEY.

Aug 18th 1866:  RYDE COMMISSIONERS – A letter was read from Mr. George YOUNG (Apley Towers) requesting that the town water should be laid on to his premises for domestic purposes, for which he would pay £12 per annum.  It was agreed that a supply should be offered to that gentleman for £15 per annum.