Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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August 1874

Isle of Wight Observer:

Aug 1st 1874:  VISIT OF MRS. SCOTT-SIDDONS – This well-known lady is announced to appear at the new Town-hall tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon, in her Histrionic Readings.  “Seraphael,” the celebrated boy pianist who is only 12 years old, will also appear.  The Court Journal, speaking of this youthful musician, says, “His execution is faultless, and there is a brilliancy, a grandeur, a power, and an intelligent reading of the difficult pieces of music he plays which has seldom been exceeding by the gifted beings, male and female, who have delighted English audiences during the last twenty years.

Aug 1st 1874:  BAZAAR AT THE TOWN HALL – A bazaar for the sale of useful and fancy articles was held in the justices’ room at the Town-hall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the proceeds being devoted to the benefit of the Park Road Baptist Chapel, Monkton-street.

Aug 1st 1874:  GRAND BALL – We are pleased to learn that the grand annual ball, in aid of the funds at the Royal Isle of Wight Infirmary, will take place at the Town-hall on the 18th instant.  This grand event is always looked forward to with great delight.

Aug 8th 1874:  SCHOOL OF ART – It is with considerable pleasure that we feel ourselves in a position to announce that the foundation stone of the new building for the Ryde School of Art is to be laid on Monday week, the 17th inst.  The committee of the school have procured the property known as the “Cottage,” in George-street, for the site of the building.

Aug 8th 1874:  BEAN FEAST – The employes of Messrs. CARTER’s coach and harness manufactory had their annual outing on Saturday last.  About half-past 8 they started in well-appointed vehicles and proceeded to Sandown, and on their arrival there they sang “The Watch on the Rhine” in capital style.

Aug 8th 1874:  ROYALTY – Yesterday morning the Crown Prince and Princess of Germany passed through Ryde en route for London, crossing the Solent from Ryde Pier on board an Admiralty steam yacht.

Aug 8th 1874:  LICENSE TRANSFERS – The license of the Malt and Hops public house was transferred from Mr. Joseph RUSSELL to Mr.  Harvey PHELPS; The license of the Grapes Inn was transferred from Mr. Wm. EDMUNDS to Samuel WINSLOW.

Aug 15th 1874:  SKATING RINK AT VICTORIA ROOMS – The rink is assuredly a novelty that will wear.  It combines the pleasure of the ball room with the advantages of the gymnasium, and is a delight at once both to young and old people.  It is one of the few contrivances which the genius of amusement has supplied to youth to which the doctors do not take exception.

Aug 15th 1874:  SCHOOL TREAT – On Tuesday afternoon the children connected with the elementary school, Albert-street, were taken to a field belonging to E. PETERS, esq., Queen’s-road, and regaled with tea and cake, the young people having the privilege of indulging to their heart’s content in the immense variety of sports.

Aug 22nd 1874:  BROOKFIELD – This charming residence belonging to and for some years the residence of the Most Noble the Marquis of Exeter, the respected commodore of the R.V.Y.C., has just changed hands.  We hear that the purchaser of this really pretty place is E. M. LANGWORTHY, esq., of the yawl “Cambrian.”  It is a source of congratulation to the town that another influential resident has settled amongst us.

Aug 29th 1874:  LOCAL TALENT – We allude to some beautiful specimens of works of art, executed by our respected townsman, Mr. Arthur HARRIS, of the Falcon Hotel.  We have this week had the pleasure of viewing one of his latest productions—a handsomely-carved human foot, in white marble.  Mr. HARRIS is self-taught, and some of his studies having come under the notice of Mr. FOLEY, a well-known London artist, and that gentleman was induced to receive him into his studio.