Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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August 1909

Aug 7th 1909: ROWING – Visitors may obtain boats on the slipway on the Esplanade or on the canoe lake. The Ryde Rowing Club issue tickets to visitors at 10s.6d. for one month, or £1 for the season, which entitles the holder to the full use of the club.

Aug 7th 1909: CYCLE GYMKHANA AND SPORTS – The annual Cycle Gymkhana and Sports and childrens Hoop Parade, to be held in the Esplanade Gardens on Thursday next, will be a far more interesting and important event this year than it has been hitherto. The Cycle Gymkhana has reached such proportions that it will overshadow the Hoop Parade to some extent.

Aug 7th 1909: BALLOON – A balloon went up over Cowes on Wednesday and floated over the Solent, it was watched with great interest by people in Ryde. Children who had never seen a balloon before were extremely pleased and clapped their hands with delight.

Aug 14th 1909: CUSTOMS APPOINTMENT – Mr. W. S. ADAMS, 2nd class officer, has been transferred from Waterlooville to Ryde.

Aug 14th 1909: ACCIDENT – A rather serious accident befel Mr. J. C. BEAZLEY, I.S.M., the well-known musician and composer. An ardent angler, he was walking along the shore in quest of bait, when he slipped from a rock and severely sprained his thigh, he will be laid up for several weeks. He was attended by Dr. MACKENZIE.

Aug 14th 1909: ROYAL I.W. COUNTY HOSPITAL – The Committee acknowledged the receipt of, eggs, flowers and fruit from the P.S.A. Society; vegetables and flowers from Binstead Rectory; flowers from Mr. J.O. BROOKS and Mr. PRICKETT; books and papers from Mrs. BISHOP, Hazelwood, Royal Pier Hotel, Ryde and the Isle of Wight Ladies Club.

Aug 14th 1909: BATHING MATTERS – At a meeting of Ryde Town Council, Councillor HAYDEN asked the Chairman of the Public Works Committee, if the Committee had given any permission for bathing to take place on the Esplanade on Sunday afternoon. Were they aware that men and boys bathed indiscriminately along the shore very scantily attired.

Aug 14th 1909: FORTHCOMING EVENTS – Daily: Concert Party on Esplanade Gardens morning and evening; Alfresco Concert at the Pier Head morning, afternoon and evening; Marine Excursions from Ryde.

Aug 14th 1909: RYDE BOROUGH COUNCIL – The statement of the council meeting that ‘nothing can be done to improve the footpaths and roads round the Canoe Lake’, will be a surprise to many people.

Aug 14th 1909: VISITORS AT VICTORIA CHAMBERS, RYDE – Lady Alice de VOEUX, Lord and Lady de BLAGUIRE, Mons, and Madam VALTON and Master VALTON, Mr. Agg GARDENER and Mr. C. CUMMING.

Aug 21st 1909: RYDE ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION – They take credit for the influx of German visitors and rightly attribute it to the guide issued in German and their advertisements in the Berlin papers.

Aug 21st 1909: RECKLESS RAILWAY SPEEDS – The I.W. Central Railway succeeded in taking me over about 15 miles of line in 80 minutes, an average of 10 miles an hour. Instead of making alterations in the fares which nobody cares about, it would be better if the Company accelerated their trains and endeavoured to keep time.

Aug 21st 1909: A YACHT – A yacht has been laying off Ryde, which bears the name of “Smuggler”, and flies the death’s head and cross bones, familiarly known among pirates as the “Jolly Roger”, for a burgee.

Aug 21st 1909: REGATTA – The Ryde Royal Regatta was not assisted by the elements, the strong breeze which prevailed reducing the number of starters in the sailing races.

Aug 28th 1909: ADVERTISEMENT – Wanted, Two Ward-Maids. £14 a year. Apply to Matron, County Hospital, Ryde.