Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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August 1910

Isle of Wight Observer

Aug 6th 1910: RYDE SEASON – Messrs. WALLIS, RIDDETT & Co., have arranged for the following further lets of furnished houses for the season. St. Clare Castle to Mr. Douglas HALL, M.P., Thornbury to Sir Henry CHAMBERLAIN, The Old House to Henry BROWN, and No. 21 Argyll-street to Mrs. PERROTT.

Aug 6th 1910: OLD RYDER’S PLUCKY ACT – P.C. LEAL of the Metropolitan Police stationed at Harlesden, a son of Mr. LEAL of 14 Albert-street, performed a very courageous act on Friday. A boy named Jack ENNIS was fishing in the Grand Junction Canal near Acton when he overbalanced and fell in. P.C. LEAL who was near and heard his cries, throwing off his helmet and tunic, sprang into the water and swam to the lad who was rapidly becoming exhausted. Our readers will readily praise an old townsman for his courage.

Aug 13th 1910: DISTURBANCE – Dogs daily disturb the quietude of the sea front, to the annoyance of many of the residents who live in this vicinity. In the more enlightened towns the Police use a lasso with excellent effect on dogs requiring restraint. If the owners would exercise their collies further along the coast they would earn the gratitude and esteem of their neighbours.

Aug 13th 1910: RYDE TOWN COUNCIL – A matter was called to by Mr. HAYDEN of the fact that a direction plate at the bottom of Park-road does not point straight to the Railway Station, with the result that people frequently go to the Gas Works to catch a train. This, it was stated, would receive attention.

Aug 13th 1910: RYDE TOWN COUNCIL – Councillor TEAGUE asked if the Chairman was aware that another boy had been injured while playing on the Western Esplanade and did he not think something should be done about the wall. Alderman SWEETMAN; That is just where you and I differ, I think something should be done about the children.

Aug 20th 1910: MEMORIAL – The Island is to have a memorial to King Edward Vll, and a meeting to arrange it is to be held next month. As the memorial to the late Queen Victoria was erected in Newport, it would be fitting that the memorial to King Edward should be at Ryde. No place in the Island offers such a good site for a memorial as Ryde Esplanade.

Aug 20th 1910: BOROUGH BENCH – The license of the Solent Hotel, Monkton-street, was temporarily transferred from Henry HETHERINGTON to Arthur Rowland MCCAVE.

Aug 20th 1910: ROYAL VISIT – It was hoped that people might observe the common rules of politeness and decency when the Royalty visit Ryde. When the King and Queen of Spain came to Ryde on Thursday, even well-dressed people flattened their noses on the windows of the motor car to stare at them.

Aug 27th 1910: OBSTRUCTION – The reason the Town Council do not cut the seven foot obstruction on the South side of the Esplanade Gardens is because it offers “a sheltered walk for invalids in winter.” The notion of an invalid strolling up and down the Esplanade in winter in a shrivelling East wind is not particularly good.

Aug 27th 1910: SPORT – The people of Ryde are not distinguished for their love of sport. At the Cricket match on Thursday between Ryde and Bembridge, there were practically no onlookers.

Aug 27th 1910: GARDEN PARTY – An evening garden party was held on the lawn at St. Michael’s Vicarage on Thursday in aid of the heating and lighting fund of the church. Attractions including living whist, vocal music, dancing and a whist drive. The grounds were prettily illuminated with various coloured electric lights.