Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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August 1916

Isle of Wight Observer:-

Aug 5th 1916:  AEROPLANE – An aeroplane met with a mishap when flying over the town at about 1,500 feet.  Something went wrong with the engine, and the pilot, a young lieutenant, at once put the machine about with the object of finding a safe landing place.  He skilfully planed down in the direction of Ashey, attempting to land in a meadow at Gatehouse Farm, but the aeroplane caught the trunk of a tree which precipitated its landing into a hedge.  Parts of the machine were damaged but the pilot escaped injury.

Aug 5th 1916:  FARCE – One of the funniest farces on record “The Glad Eye,” will make a tour of the Island, starting at Ryde on Thursday next.  The play has had a particularly successful run in London.

Aug 5th 1916:  WOUNDED SOLDIERS – On Wednesday afternoon the Mayor (Mr. John I. BARTON), entertained at tea, the wounded soldiers and staff of the local Red Cross Hospitals to the number of 200.  The gathering took place in the Eastern Esplanade Gardens in ideal summer weather.

Aug 12th 1916:  SHORTAGE OF FARM LABOURERS – Women must help as far as is possible, mostly those who have gone on the land have won golden opinions from the farmers, but it cannot be recommended as a career for educated women.  The best paid “jobs” are beyond the capacity of average women who have not the physical strength, or the skill necessary.

Aug 12th 1916:  TO BE SOLD OR LET – A convenient 10-roomed house on the Strand, suitable for a lodging house.  Rent £32.10s., or would be sold at a very reasonable price.  Low ground rent,—Apply, “S”, Office of this paper.

Aug 12th 1916:  COMMITTEE – The Ryde District Branch of the I.W. Women’s Agricultural Committee are forming an Association for cultivating a portion of the Recreation Ground for the benefit of the local Red Cross Hospitals.  We understand the ground, about 1½ acres in extent, will be divided into 29 plots, of 10 rods each, all numbered and prepared by the Corporation.  An ample supply of plants, cabbage, brocoli, savoys, etc. have been promised, also seeds.

Aug 12th 1916:  SCHOOL-BOYS’ HELP – A letter was read from Mr J. W. TRODD, headmaster of the Bettesworth Road School, enclosing an appreciative letter from Mr. George RUSSELL, Gatehouse Farm, upon the work done by the boys out of school hours in weeding three acres of mangolds, thereby practically saving the crop.  Mr. RUSSELL enclosed the sum of one guinea to be divided among the boys concerned.

Aug 12th 1916:  ADVERT – World Stores, 32 High Street, Ryde. Per large tin, Best Pink Salmon 6½d.  Best Medium Salmon 8½d.  Best Red Salmon 9½d.  Breakfast Herrings (in mustard dressing) 8½d.

Aug 12th 1916:  APPOINTMENT – The Watch Committee recommended that P.C. PAUL be appointed as Inspector under the Diseases of Animals’ Act, and that the Corporate Seal be affixed to the appointment.

Aug 19th 1916:  SCOUTS’ GYMKHANA – On Sunday next a Scouts’ Gymkhana in aid of the Island Branch of the Red Cross Society and the 6th Ryde Sea Scouts (Admiral Calthorpe’s own), will be given in the grounds of St. John’s House, kindly lent for the occasion by the Rev. T. J. PUCKLE.

Aug 19th 1916:  OPHTHALMIC CASES – In connection with the anniversary last week of the opening of the ophthalmic department at the Royal Isle of Wight County Hospital, it is interesting to recall that during the ten years  this institution has been available, Dr. MAY, the eye specialist, from Southampton, in the course of his semi-weekly visits treated 4,000 new cases and attended 14,700 persons.

Aug 19th 1916:  COMFORT & CLEANLINESS – It is related that a social worker, visiting, noticed the existence of a bathroom in one of the houses, and having regard to the rarity of such luxuries in the neighbourhood in question, remarked to the housewife, “so you have a bath in this house?” to which she replied, “Yes, but thank Gawd we don’t ‘ave ter use it.”