Ryde Social Heritage Group research the social history of the citizens of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Documenting their lives, businesses and burial transcriptions.
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August 1966

Isle of Wight Times:-

Aug 4th 1966:  RESCUE – An SRN-6 hovercraft on passenger service off  Ryde joined in a rescue operation on Saturday afternoon.  The alarm was raised when a 12 ft. Dinghy from Portsmouth Sailing Club overturned and was being swept away in a swift current.  While Bembridge inshore lifeboat and a helicopter from R.A.F. Thorney Island were on the way, the hovercraft sped to the scene at 50 knots.

Aug 4th 1966:  CONTINENTAL SYSTEM – You may wonder what is going to happen in a few years’ time when we change over to the metric system and start buying in terms of kilograms and litres instead of pounds and pints and yards.  The inspectors have naturally had this very much in mind.

Aug 4th 1966:  BROKEN PROMISES – The Labour Government has brought England face to face with the worst financial crisis since 1931 said Mrs. Mark WOODNUTT, wife of the Island M.P. on Thursday. She was performing the opening ceremony at a garden party at Tower House, Quarr Hill.

Aug 4th 1966:  YOUTH GOLF MATCH – Ryde Youth Club staged the first of what it is hoped will be an annual series of novices’ golf  matches at Appley at the weekend.  Keith DRAKE won the boys’ event and Maureen WHITTINGTON was the girls’ winner, also sharing the mixed pairs title with Graham PENNELLS.

Aug 4th 1966:  EASTHILL DEAF HOME – Nineteen residents and guests—the full capacity—occupying the Home, go on an outing today to Bournemouth.

Aug 4th 1966:  THATS A RELIEF – Brought in as a relief vessel to speed the flow of Solent passengers yesterday, the B.R. ferry steamer “Shanklin” was trapped at Ryde Pierhead for three hours.  As she arrived from Clarence Pier, Southsea, a mooring wrapped around her propeller.  There she remained until 2 p.m. when a diver from Portsmouth, using aqualung gear, cut her free.

Aug 4th 1966:  INFORMATION – A new telephone information services has been introduced giving details of road traffic congestion, diversions, special events etc., in Southern Hampshire.  The information is now obtainable by dialling or calling Bournemouth or Portsmouth 8021.

Aug 11th 1966:  RE-PLANNING – Opinions continue to be mixed about the best means to improve Ryde’s one-way traffic system.  After lengthy debate it was suggested that the 30-minute parking restrictions now in operation in the principal shopping areas, be increased to 45 minutes.

Aug 11th 1966:  CHARGES – A suggestion to introduce charges for certain public library facilities has been referred to the I.W. County Council as the library authority.

Aug 11th 1966:  PUCKPOOL INCIDENTS – Twenty-five people have been charged with vandalism and legal proceedings are pending.  Some 20 deckchairs had been found burnt at puckpool beach, one morning, and next morning another 60 chairs had been similarly destroyed.  Altogether damage totalled £95.

Aug 18th 1966:  GOLDEN WEDDING – The family gathered for the first time in many years on Monday when Mr. and Mrs William TAIT celebrated their golden wedding at 26 Longmead Road, Ryde.  Mr. and Mrs. TAIT were married in Dover on August 1, 1916 at the time when Mr. TAIT, a shipwright by trade, was attached to the R.A.S.C on the Dover Patrol.

Aug 18th 1966:  HOLLYWOOD – Tommy GODFREY, resident M.C. at Ryde’s Old Time Music Hall, has achieved a lifetime’s aim in his show business career—at the end of the season he goes to film in Hollywood.  Tommy will appear in a series of Lucille Ball “I Love Lucy” television films which will be seen in America, then in this country.